DailyB Ep 7 Breaking FREE from Comparison: A Practical Entrepreneurs Guide

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In this seventh daily video of the series, I discuss the common habit of comparing ourselves to others and how it affects our pursuit of success. By sharing personal experiences and insights, I highlight the importance of focusing on one's own progress, celebrating small wins, and maintaining a practice of gratitude.

I also touch on how creating daily videos has led to improvements in my workflow and content creation process, despite the initial challenges and doubts.

The key takeaway is to compare yourself to your past self, stay patient, and continuously work on self-improvement.

Join me as I share practical tips to overcome comparison and enhance your journey towards success.

00:00 The Trap of Comparison: Navigating Social Media and Self-Expectations

00:46 Embracing the Journey: Finding Personal Success and Freedom

01:22 The Creator's Dilemma: Analytics, Expectations, and Growth

03:22 Building Connections and Overcoming Perfectionism

05:13 Marketing Automation Insights: Learning Through Doing

05:35 Self-Comparison as a Tool for Growth

09:25 Navigating Failures and Embracing Imperfection

12:09 Solving Problems and Leveraging AI for Efficiency

14:09 Conclusion: Patience, Progress, and Personal Growth

Show Notes:

[00:00:00] so you know how we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. We are looking at how they look, looking at how they dress, the cars they drive, the woman they're dating or the men that they're dating, the money, maybe the money that they have. and we want that, right? We want to look like them.

We want to do what they're doing. We want to have what they have. And. It's one of those things where we are comparing ourselves to others because there's just so much visibility online. There's just so much, so many people that are doing things, showing themselves off, showing their, their maybe one sided view of their life.

But the thing is like, we want success. We want success for ourselves. We want to be free. We want to be fulfilled in some way. We want. whatever success means to you, right? Whether it means more money or we want to have healthy relationships, or we want to have a beautiful home or [00:01:00] whatever the stuff that is.

But for me, what I want is just to have more freedom to have more time to do the things that I, that I enjoy doing. And I actually enjoy doing my work. I enjoy making these videos. I enjoy doing all the things that people ask me as far as marketing and automation is concerned. But where I fall into comparison, where I've gotten stuck, where I've fall prey to my own comparisons or comparisons like you by comparing Just everything, right?

How I look, how I sound, how I make my videos, how I, how my channel is not growing, right? Today's day six or day seven of the daily B. And of course, six days in, I'm looking at analytics and I'm saying, Oh, you know what? These views are not that great. Like I thought they would be more. I was hoping that something went viral.

I was hoping that. Oh, more people clicked on the, [00:02:00] on the videos. Like I'm looking at the click through rates on YouTube stats. And I'm saying, Oh, these last couple of videos, the click through hasn't been that great. And. I was like, eh, okay. You know, falling into that little bit of doubt, a little bit of like, Oh, should I be doing this anymore?

Is it, is it worth my time? Is it, is it creating more problems in my life because, Oh, you know what? People are not watching as I'd like them to. And what I ended up doing on analytics on YouTube is looking at the last seven days. views and subscribers. And it said to me something like there was a certain amount of people that like a percentage of people that viewed more than in the past, something like that.

Or like, and then I went, okay, four or 28 days. Then I went 90 days. Then I went 60, uh, 90 days. Then I went, uh, what was it? 365 days. I can't remember exactly what the buttons are on the app. [00:03:00] And year on year, the channel is getting more views just by virtue of the fact that I'm doing more videos. And then I said to myself, well, you know what, even if it's like 5 percent growth, even if it's just a little bit better, that's okay.

That's fine. Sure. The click through rates may be, may not be where I am, where, where I'd like them to be right now, but that's okay. And if you, if you've watched the first episode where I actually laid down what I want for these videos. Is I said, I want to build a connection with you guys. I want to experiment with topics and I just want to get out of this process of trying to edit everything and tailoring it to what I want and cutting out things that I'm, you know, mistakes that I'm making and wanting to be wanting it to be quote unquote perfect.

And so I said to myself, okay, looking at the analytics today from the last six videos and also other videos that I've done [00:04:00] is I said, well, you know what? I'm going to do this anyway, because I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to do these daily videos. And the commitment is to at least get into the practice of giving value by not being scripted, by not being overly curated.

Right? And so what I, what I realized was, well, there's a lot of other things that have happened in these last six days. I put together a process in Asana for how to get my videos edited and how to get my ideas curated and how to do the research and I've put systems in place where I can basically now do these videos.

And from this video, a podcast episode is, is, is created from them. Um, I've got like a very easy template to make my thumbnail. So even though the click rates are not that great, I'm using the thumbnail every day and making slight changes every day to try to increase that click rate. It's not like I'm not trying.

It's not like I'm giving up. And also. I've [00:05:00] kind of gone through this process of curating the ideas a little bit better. And today I did an exercise with my, one of my team members where I said, okay, these videos are doing okay. And. It looks to me from the research and from some of the things that I've, that I've been in like just in terms of optimizing my time is maybe marketing automation is a thing that I need to be talking about because I built the system to create my content.

I've helped my clients get leads automatically. I helped build marketing funnels. I do all of these things for my clients and have been doing for a long time. And so in this process of creating this, Series it's helped me like figure out a whole bunch of other things and so those those are huge Those are big benefits of just this daily practice of making videos for you guys um, which obviously you might which not obviously but you might see that unfold as I talk about those things on the channel and as I [00:06:00] share the ideas and as I share some of the insights that i'm getting and so this video today Is about how you can overcome and break through those comparisons by comparing yourself to yourself.

So, taking a look at yourself a week ago, like I did a week ago, I came up with this idea while I was on a walk to make daily videos. And I've, and this is day 7. So, cool. It hasn't been tough. It hasn't been difficult. Probably the most difficult thing is like coming up with the ideas to make for you guys.

But even that, I'm spending way too much of, way too much of a time overthinking it. Right? Right? So, yeah, uh, that's number one is like I'm taking action. I'm in the arena. I'm trying, and I'm focusing on my own journey and my own pro, [00:07:00] pro process, my own progress. I'm celebrating my wins because I just mentioned a whole bunch of things that came out of this practice.

And then the other thing that I do when I journal every morning is a bit of gratitude. And some days I do it. Some days I forget, I'm human. But you know, I'm grateful for the fact that I started the series. Sure, my days are hectic, busy, and I'm thinking about ideas and I'm trying to figure out what it is that is going to resonate with you.

And I hope that these videos are resonating with you, but it's cool. You know, like this is a process and I know that it's going to take a bit of time and I'm okay with that. Uh, the view counts and the, and the stuff that we want is fine. Like that's hopefully going to come through. As I said, it's just a process of volume and these videos will get better.

And I know that I'm rambling. But that's okay. If you're listening, I appreciate you and I, and, and, you know, let me know how [00:08:00] I can help you in the future. and then it's like, how can, how can you take these lessons? How can you take these? Stories that I'm talking about from my own experience and put it into your life Well, I've I've laid it out for you already, right?

Focus on your own journey Celebrate the wins that you have no matter how small how insignificant Even if it's one percent that you're doing better do that, you know, look at that appreciate that take a moment Take a breath close your eyes and think about it. Wow, you actually improved Wow, you're actually doing the thing forget the results But you, like, I looked at myself and said, you've gone through six days.

Quick editing, show this mistakes, show it's not perfect. But the point is not to be perfect. Nobody's perfect. I'm not expecting you. I mean, sure, if somebody comments negatively down, down in the bottom, [00:09:00] whatever, it's, it's, it's OK. Right. But if you have something useful to say, go ahead and say so. Right. And I am actually curious, what's your process to overcome Comparison to overcome this doubt to overcome this need for perfection, right?

And how does this relate to marketing and, and, and automation and things in general? Well, I'll give you a story from something that happened on Thursday last week. I was working on this automation that I. Um, putting together for this content and I got incredibly frustrated because I couldn't get the tech to work now for somebody who's been working with technology for seven years, sorry, for 10 years, making things in Zapier and getting things connected.

And it was incredibly frustrating, but you know what I did, I reached out to a friend. Who I've helped automate things in his business. And I said, Hey, can you just have a look at this thing? Like I just, I'm stuck. And so he, he very graciously got on a call with me. [00:10:00] We went through the process step by step and I, and we together uncovered, he helped me uncover the thing that I was missing and then, okay, I couldn't get it to work immediately still, but I left it and I said, okay, tomorrow I will look at it again and the next day I came back to it and it worked and so.

Cool. Yeah, I was like feeling disappointed, feeling hurt, feeling angry, feeling this, you know, discouraged by the fact that I couldn't get it to work because Hey, like I'm, I'm an automations guy. And I'm telling you right now that it's okay to fail sometimes, right? It's okay to compare who you think people want you to be to who you actually are.

It's okay to want to be better, but not at the detriment of progress, right? So. So that's the message today. I hope that you take that encouragement [00:11:00] and go forth and build something for yourself. Just do the work. Create. Write. Do the thing that you, you, you said that you wanted to do. Stop worrying about what other people think.

Stop worrying about what you think of yourself. Break through that comparison and just compare yourself to before. Now, if you've regressed, if you have not grown, okay, don't be critical. Just say, okay, what can you do to make it better in the future? How can you make this process simpler? How can you, or, or you can look at yourself and say, why did this happen?

Right? Was there a change internally with yourself? Was there a change externally? Sure. Maybe there are external factors at play. And if there are, how can you internally overcome that? How can you internally find a way to move around it, navigate it, start something new? Or stop the thing you're doing because it's not working [00:12:00] anymore.

It's declining. You're in a market that's shrinking. Okay. What can you do to switch, to change, to pivot, right? AI is a thing. How can you incorporate AI to make your life easier, simpler? Who can you talk to a friend, a colleague, a coach to help you figure this out, to navigate. And that person doesn't actually have to have practical experience.

Sometimes just talking to somebody who's impartial. who can just listen will help you sound your ideas out. And what's happened to me is in, in nine out of 10 times, I've been able to solve that problem for myself, whether it's the therapy or through a chat with a friend or just being able to talk to somebody, you could even chat, chat, to chat your PT if you'd like to ask your questions.

And that's something that came up today. Actually, I asked somebody in my team, how do I find a list of [00:13:00] influences? How do I. Use a filter or use a tool. What do, is there a tool that exists? And she was like, she was, she doesn't know. And so I took that same question that I typed to her. I put it into chat, GPT, and I immediately found some answers.

And so I was like, okay, let me go research these things. Or I could take that list and say, okay, go research. It seems, get me the pricing, go evaluate, go watch videos to see how, how, what other people have said and tell me which tool to use. Right. So it's like, you have a problem, solve it, find a way. You have a comparison.

You, you're, you're feeling down because, oh, you're not making as much money as you'd like to, or you're not making as much progress as far as engagement on your YouTube or, or Instagram or any of those things are concerned. Well, okay, what can we do to solve that? What can we do to overcome that? We need to be better.

How do you be better? Well, you look at your past self and say, okay, what factors, what are the [00:14:00] things that you were doing in the past that led you to this result today? And give yourself time, give yourself grace, give yourself patience, be patient. That's the message for today. So yeah, hope this was useful.

Again, I mentioned a daily one daily B one, where I spoke about my intentions for this video. If I'm not living up to those expectations that I've set to myself in daily one daily B one comment below, let me know. And I hope that you subscribe to the channel, follow along. I will be incorporating more marketing automation tactics and tips into some of these videos and into some of the other more edited, more sort of topical videos on the channel that's coming up.

but yeah, hope to chat to you soon. Good luck on your journey and have a good day.

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