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How 'The Bucket List' Transformed My Life: A Personal Journey

This movie sparked a significant change, inspiring me to reassess my dreams and take action. From my time working at my father's business in rural South Africa to creating my own bucket list and pursuing those dreams, this film was a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. Watch as I recount my journey, the lessons learned, and how the movie drove me to live life more fully. Don't forget to share your own stories and how this film might have impacted you!

00:00 How 'The Bucket List' Movie Changed My Life

00:18 The Struggles of Working in a Family Business

01:13 Discovering 'The Bucket List' and Its Impact

02:34 The Plot of 'The Bucket List' and Its Characters

06:07 Realizing My Dreams Were Too Small

06:32 Creating My Own Bucket List

07:00 A Wake-Up Call to Pursue My Dreams

09:44 The Journey to Thailand and Beyond

10:56 Why This Story Matters to You

11:44 Taking Action Towards Your Dreams

Show Notes:

[00:00:00] This movie absolutely changed my life. It's The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, released in 2007. I know, ages away, ages ago. But I want to talk about sort of how I found this movie and also how it impacted my life. So, picture the scene, I'm working at my dad's business in the Dragonsberg in South Africa, and I was married at the time.

Things were kind of, Iffy, right? You know, working in a parent's business, working in a, in a family business is always a bit tricky because like, you're not getting paid as much as you'd like to, and you don't have as much control. I specifically didn't have as much control as I'd like in the business. I couldn't make the decisions I wanted to.

I had given up a corporate job, right? I've so sacrificed my corporate job and moved to this rural area was married at the time, as I said. And things were kind of. kind of okay. Like life was fine. Life was good, but I wasn't fully [00:01:00] satisfied. Like I wasn't. I knew that there was more that I wanted to do.

I wanted to have control of my time. I was like, find that I wasn't working at a corporate job. I didn't have to wear a suit and tie anymore. I could wear this essentially. But life was kind of, I just knew that there was more and I come across this movie now. Morgan Freeman, You know, you know, Morgan Freeman, right?

Shawshank Redemption, a bunch of other movies. He's amazing. I absolutely love his voice. I love his character. I love his facial expressions. I love everything about the man. And then Jack Nicholson is just a classic, like these two characters together in a movie. And I remember when this came out as I said, we were living in the Bundo's living in kind of the middle of nowhere.

I can't remember if it was on cinema or whatever the case may be, but. Somehow I managed to get access to it. I can't remember if I downloaded it online back then. We didn't have Netflix. We didn't have sort of HBO or any of these streaming services. If you [00:02:00] wanted to watch a movie, you either got the DVD or, you know, you downloaded it online through some Napster or some peer to peer network.

I can't remember exactly how I got this movie. I just knew that I was interested in it when it was out in cinema. I knew that I wanted to watch it, but didn't get a chance to see it. And, and I managed to get a copy. I, I can't, again, I can't remember if it was actually streaming on sort of cable TV or I downloaded, whatever the case may be, I played this movie, sat down with my ex wife and I'm watching this movie and I'm fully, fully, fully fascinated.

I remember talking I remember hearing all of the stories. It's like, the way it goes is Jack Nicholson. multi multi millionaire, probably billionaire, got everything in his in his life, multiple ex wives. And he's, he's got everything. There's nothing that he needs to ask for. He's got a butler, he's got people to do things for him as an assistant.

Like his life is like fully, fully built out. [00:03:00] But And he's highly successful, but he has a health issue. So he ends up in the hospital. Morgan Freeman on the other side, totally fine. He's got family. He's got kids, grandkids. he's a mechanic and he's worked sort of this job for ages and like successful.

He has his home, typical American sort of family sort of vibe, right? But he also has this medical issue So he's also in the hospital and these two characters end up next to each other And one of the one day and if you haven't seen the movie, I apologize for the spoiler but one of the days that they're sitting next to or laying next to each other now jack nicholson is like a He's an asshole.

He's he's he's not a good person. He's not a good character He's obviously fully upset that he's at this hospital and he's got to go through all these tests and blah blah he can't have his Conveniences that he usually has issues at [00:04:00] like the business, blah, blah, blah. He's just got challenges. And Morgan Freeman one day checks out a notepad and he starts making a list.

They start, he starts writing down some things on a notepad. And Jack is like, Hey, what are you writing? And so he says, it's a bucket list. So Jack is like, what's a bucket list? It's like, okay, these are all the things that I want to die. And he grabs the paper from, from Morgan. Now, obviously these are not the names in the movie, but follow along.

So he reads this list and he grabs a pen and he says, okay, well, this is shit. Like, this is a small thing to do. You know, he had like minor things on that list that he, he want, like just simple, silly, basic things that to Morgan were like big deals, like with things, things that were within his reach, within his comfort level, with his, within his income or amount of money that he had.

And Jack is like. No, no, no. If you're going to [00:05:00] do something, you've got to do it big. And so he's, he's like making his writing and they discussing all of these things. what ended up happening is Jack helped him combine his things on his list, like climbing Mount Everest.

Now imagine these are like 60, 70 year old men, right? Not to say that it's not possible. I mean, in the movie, it was clear that Jack probably wasn't going to climb the mountain. Morgan maybe would have managed it, but. Nonetheless, that was one of the things. The other one was I don't know that you had like flying to different places and, uh, you know, meeting a girl at a bar and like just a couple of things that, that these, these two gentlemen wanted to do anyway, so Jack has all the money in the world and says to him, okay, when we get out of this place, we're going to go do these things.

And, and Morgan is like, what? Like, no, this is just a dream. It's like, well, why not live? Like why don't you just live a full life? Why don't you just do the things that you want to do? Like if you really want to do something just go do it [00:06:00] they end up on this adventure Now at the end of the movie, it's really sad it's it's kind of a a tearjerker.

I'm not going to spoil it for you But when that movie ended I was like, yeah, my dreams are too small the things that I want are just Play play like I I I you know the things like dream home fine Maybe big home, expensive. Sure. Fine. Big things. But I realized that, okay, I need to make a list. So that was the first thing I, at the time we were using Evernote.

I opened up Evernote and I was like, okay, what are all the things? And I made this list. I actually have that list still. it was 101 things at that time. I had things like going for Hajj and Umrah, you know, Saudi Arabia to go do the pilgrimage. I had a bunch of things on my list, like places I wanted to go visit.

All of those things. Okay, fine. So I had 101 things. I closed Evernote that [00:07:00] day. I really enjoyed the movie and that was it Like 2007 2008 somewhere wherever I watched that movie and I forgot about it Then a couple of years later, I think it maybe had been two or three years later my wife and I ex wife and I we were still together and we were moved into her dad's place And I had quit the job with my dad.

I was totally frustrated and I left I open up this list in my Evernote and I'm looking at all of these things and I'm saying to myself, okay, I wanted to do this. It's like, okay, I did that thing. Oh, I wanted to do, I wanted to go see these places. I wanted to go travel. I wanted to, and I was thinking to myself, when I was 33 at the time, it's like, when am I going to go do these things?

Like I wanted to go to Japan and I wanted to go to Thailand and I wanted to like go to Egypt and I wanted to visit New York city. And I wanted to. Oh write a book [00:08:00] and Obviously, there's still a lot of things that I haven't done But I had this list of things that I wanted to do and I just asked myself the question When am I gonna fucking do all of these things?

When am I actually gonna get off my ass and do them? Now, you know, of course you have these Things that are in my head. It's like oh when i'm happy i'll go do this thing When am I gonna be happy? Oh when I am making enough money? Oh when I have When I get past this hurdle, when I get a promotion at the job, or when I, whatever, like, there's always these conditions that we have on the things that we want.

And most of the time it's around happiness. And I was like, well, actually, I need to do these things so that I could be happy. Because there's no point, like in the movie, the message from that movie was, there's no point in sitting around waiting for the thing to happen. You've got to get off your ass and go and do them.

Like, just figure it out, find a way. Make a plan, don't [00:09:00] beg, borrow, or steal, but just make a plan, figure it out. And I was sitting there thinking, okay, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta do something. I just have to. I, I, I can't sit around anymore. I'm 33 years old. What if I, like, I felt at that time like my life was over.

I was just like in such a bad state. In the relationship with my ex wife, living in the situation that I was, earning very little money. I had just, I think I had just started freelancing at that time. Starting to do this online thing. I did some trading and lots of failures up to that point. I was just miserable.

And I think I rewatched that movie as well. And I opened up this list and I was like, damn, I have to go do these things. And that set me on this path to research going to Thailand. I found Tim Ferriss's book, probably because of that movie. Like all of these were inciting incidents that led up to me moving to Thailand and living in this town.

And like being in [00:10:00] this room right now, talking to you on this video, that movie together with a whole bunch of other things were catalysts in my life. Now, you may not realize, like I did, I didn't realize that that was a thing. Like I didn't realize that that incident was like coupled. Like I've told the story a couple of times, but I don't think I realized how important of an event that movie or how important of a, Incident watching that movie and making that list and then making the decision was on my life And it wasn't like I got coached or my anybody told me like hey, you gotta go do this thing.

They were just Inklings they were just gut feelings. They were just Instincts like oh make the list. Oh review the list. Oh, damn. Okay. I gotta go do something and all these decisions led me to this point. Now, why is this important to you? Well, you [00:11:00] probably have had moments like that. You've probably had situations where you thought of doing something, but maybe because you didn't have enough money or because you weren't in the job or because whatever relationship you were in, or you had to lose weight before the whatever, whatever the thing is that's hold that you think is holding you back.

It's not, it's not the reason. The reason you're not doing it is because of fear because of. Anxiety because you're not sure what's going to happen on the other side. Maybe you haven't planned enough Maybe you haven't thought about it enough or maybe you you feel like oh I'm not feeling confident enough that I can get that thing.

You don't need the confidence to go get it You need to get off your ass make a decision and try you just have to try and at some point Maybe there's a bit of luck that happens by the fact that [00:12:00] maybe you're speaking to somebody or Whatever the case may be, but 90 percent of the things that are going to come to your life, the 90 percent of the things that you want in your life is going to happen because you make a decision, because you take action.

I took action. That's why I'm here. I followed my gut feeling. Now, granted, I haven't achieved everything that I want. I made a vision board the other day and I've like, there's a ton of things that I did that I still don't have in my life and I still want in my life. Still milestones that I wanna achieve.

If you're looking at this on YouTube, you can see that I have 6,000 something subscribers and I want 10,000. I want a hundred thousand that's on my bucket list and I'm working towards it. That's why I'm making these videos, right? Sure. It's taking a bit of time, but that, that's not affecting me pursuing the thing.

'cause the decision is I want a hundred thousand followers and so this is the thing I need to do to get to a hundred thousand followers. So I'm in pursuit, [00:13:00] I'm trying. That's all you need to do. Make the decision, take some action to try.

So if you like this video, if you like the message, hit the subscribe, hit the like button, comment below. Have you seen this movie, the bucket list and how, how did it impact your life? Or if you want to comment below and tell me what are the incidents in your life that's affected where you are right now, what you're doing right now,

leave that comment below. I'll see you in the next video.

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