DailyB Ep 13 From Tinder to Landing A 6 Figure Contract: The Secret to Getting What You Want #DailyB

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In this episode, the narrator shares a humorous and relatable story about how updating his Tinder profile's copy landed him a date with one of the prettiest girls he'd ever dated. He emphasizes the importance of effective copywriting across various platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and business websites. The narrator provides insights into continuous testing and tweaking of profiles and headlines to achieve better engagement and results. He also mentions leveraging AI tools like 'Tinder GPT' for optimizing profiles. The underlying message is to constantly experiment, make adjustments, and not fear making mistakes, as these are essential steps to improvement in both personal and professional life.

00:00 A Tinder Story: How Copywriting Landed a Date

00:22 The Power of Profile Optimization

02:16 Copywriting: More Than Just Words

05:04 Leveraging AI for Profile Enhancement

05:51 The Importance of Testing in Personal and Professional Growth

09:27 Practical Tips for Improvement and Experimentation

10:20 Conclusion: Embrace Change and Experimentation

Show Notes:

[00:00:00] Hey, I want to tell you a quick story, quick, funny story, actually, very relatable story about how copy and copywriting landed me one of the most prettiest girls that I've ever dated. And I know that sounds kind of weird. Yes, maybe I look a little bit funny. My hair is a funny color at the moment. I want to tell you the story anyway.

So, uh, a couple of years ago, I think this is two years ago, maybe I was on Tinder, single, and, uh, I was obviously just swiping along, looking for somebody interesting and nothing was happening, right? We've, we've all been there. If you're single, if you're a guy, if you're a girl, you're swiping away and you're not talking to many people.

Interesting. There's some weirdos. There's, random people. And one, one day I just had this thing. Well, you know, being coming from a marketing background, I was like, I need to change my profile or I need to change [00:01:00] the writing on my profile. I didn't change. I think I changed a couple of photos. I had a few decent photos, but nothing like I didn't look amazing.

I don't look as good as I do now. Um, I think I looked okay. Right. And I adjusted the copy on my profile. Now, granted probably 80 percent of people here in Thailand don't read the bio. They don't read the profile on Tinder, but nonetheless, I was like, I need to update this thing because I had this feeling why I think this is the case that Tinder will read your profile, you know, using AI and it'll help you make suggestions or it'll make suggestions to you based on the profile, not just on your photos that you're using.

But also on kind of what you write, maybe, I think this is the case anyway. So I updated the profile and I was like, okay, fine. Let's see what happens. Two days later, this amazing looking [00:02:00] person messages me because she said something about the first line in my bio and we had a conversation. And we ended up dating.

Now we're not in a relationship now, but that's not relevant right now. The point of this video is, you know, you can write a profile, you can make a change to any bio, Instagram, bio, Upwork profile. If you're a freelancer looking for work to your website, you can make a change to the headline of your business website, to your LinkedIn profile, like all of these profiles that exist, all of these profiles that exist online today.

Is tech are text text based, right? Think about it. There's writing that we have to do. Sure. We're making videos, but we have to write a title. We have to write a description. And so what she said to me was the, the, the line that she opened up to me in on, on Tinder, when she messaged [00:03:00] me was something about my, my, my first line.

I can't remember exactly what it was. I think I have a screenshot somewhere, but essentially it was something about me being. A kind person or me being hardworking or something to that nature. And she commented on that. And it may, it might've been even something a little bit more funny and something a little bit more interesting, probably, definitely.

Right. Uh, the, the, the thingy agrees. It gave me the hands up, the thumbs up. And I think it's test. I mean, that's obviously an example. That's a testament of how, when you test things, right? Your tinder is obviously, if you're swiping every day, if you're single, It's a place where you can test a lot of things quickly, right?

There's high visibility, especially if you're in a city that has a lot of people, um, and you're in that sort of group of people that, you know, you're, You're active on the platform. [00:04:00] The bio makes a huge difference. The text that you write in your Instagram posts make a huge difference because there are people that read that the titles of these YouTube videos are important, right?

Even the descriptions to some extent are important, not only because it's informing the algorithm, but also because people read it, people go through, they open up and they curious. So why am I sharing this? Well, that principle. has landed me even this year, the best job I've ever had in terms of my marketing business, right?

I'm working with a very influential marketer in the U S a speaker, performance coach. And I think one of the reasons that I got the job was because of my opening statement or my opening line in my CV. I've used this principle multiple times in my life. [00:05:00] And I think it's something that you definitely, definitely need to leverage.

And today with AI, like you, I found a tender bot, a tender GPT that basically will, you know, you upload your photos, you take a screenshot of your tender profile, upload it to the GPT, and it'll give you an assessment of your photographs and your bio, and it'll give you suggestions on what you need to change.

Right? Like we're living in and two years ago, that wasn't a thing. We're living in an age now where we can Test things multiple times. Maybe you don't have the visibility that you want on Instagram. You only have a thousand followers like I do thousand seven something, and I'm working on improving that.

The reason why I haven't built the profile in the past is just because I've been busy with client work, right? Lots of client work. And so as I'm making these videos now on YouTube and, you know, trying to build my personal brand, Thank you for watching. If you are watching [00:06:00] is I'm doing these daily videos.

One of the reasons if you watch episode one of the Daily B, I say, I'm testing headlines and I'm testing the ideas like that's part of the main reason I'm doing this is so that I can get data back so that I can improve the way that I'm speaking, improve my confidence on camera so that I can. Look at the data on the back end that YouTube gives me and see, okay, what are the topics that are resonating?

What are the points of the videos that I need to improve on? All right. Hopefully I'm also testing the backgrounds, right? It's like, what do you like? What do you don't like? Give me feedback, comment below and tell me what you like about these videos. If you haven't seen the first 13, this is 13. If you haven't seen the first 12 episodes, go let me know, comment below in this one and let me know what you think of the series so far.

Right. I'm constantly testing and I should be [00:07:00] testing more like anybody who has a business. You could be testing more, but the point is just try, just test, just, just make an effort, right? You don't have to have the perfect profile. You don't have to have the perfect title. You don't have to have the perfect anything.

That's what's beautiful about building a business online or having a business online is. These things are not cast in stone, you can change your bio on Instagram, you can change your profile photo, you can change your niche, you can change the business, you can rotate images, you can do so many things to understand what are people resonating with, what are the topics that people are interested in, are you getting the feedback from people that you want, are you getting the dates that you think you need, right?

I remember watching a video, I think it was either on [00:08:00] YouTube or maybe a coaching call in one of the communities that I'm part of. I think it was Alex Hamoti who spoke about this. He was like, he spoke about, he spoke to a friend of his and his friend wasn't getting any dates or whatever. And then the guy took a course on Tinder and basically how to get more dates.

And the essential message behind that whole course was You need good profile photos. You need good photos on your Tinder profile. And that's what the guy did. And then like when a couple of years later, whatever, when Alex spoke to him, he had like dates lined up, like he was dating six girls or something at that time.

Crazy, right? These things matter. These things are so important, but they're also not like hectic. Like I, my hair color isn't the right color right now. I have black hair. I don't actually care. You know what? I can go buy another hair color and I can dye it and I can change the color or I can wait a month and my hair [00:09:00] will grow back.

It's already growing back and it will change. Like it doesn't make a difference to me. I'm not worried about people's opinions. I'm not worried about making mistakes because you know what, they are my mistakes. I'll own them. They're my experiments. It's okay. I'm not failing. I'm just trying to prove.

Something to myself. I'm just trying to figure it out as they go along, like whatever the point is. And I hope that that message resonates with you. I hope that you think about like, what are the things that you want to improve on and what are the things that you think you could do better? Maybe you want to get more clients.

Okay. A profile photo, a bio, all of these things can help make a difference. Your website, blah, blah, blah. But let's say you're in sales. You're on your own calls. So, okay. Change your script for the next 50 calls and see what that hap, what happens with that. Change your [00:10:00] energy. If you were sitting down and taking the calls, stand up and take the calls and see if you get a better result.

That's all it is. It's like just observing, making slight tweaks, making slight changes, and, and then just. Just trying to improve. Anyway, so that's the point of this video. I hope it was useful. If you're dating, make that change on Tinder. Go ahead. You have my permission. Try, experiment, be honest, be real, be responsible, but go play, right?

If you're in business, do the same. Go play. Take care.

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