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Burhaan Pattel is the owner of digital marketing agency, Bridgeight, LLC, host of The Marketing Stack Podcast and YouTuber.

I was born in South Africa just when the apartheid era was ending.

My family is of Indian origin. My grandmother moved the family from India by ship. My parents were both born in South Africa.

He graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce from University of Witwatersrand.

Burhaan started his professional career at KPMG as an IT Auditor.

I knew I wanted my own business. So I started making furniture after my 9-5 job.

Back then, I found all my clients on Facebook and Gumroad. This gave me experience with ad copywriting, graphic design and sales.

I closed the furniture business in 2012 due to the great recession.

I discovered YouTube, Gary Vee and to my amazement, digital marketing.

Digital marketing fascinated me. I had been using it to sell furniture before it was cool.

I found Tim Ferris and loved his book "The Four Hour Work Week".

And so, I started freelancing on Upwork and landed my first client after two weeks of pitching potential clients.

Since then, I dedicated my time and energy to learning more about email marketing, Facebook advertising, Google ads, content creation, funnel building and course creation.

I decided on my value statement.

My mission is to help clients get more leads to sell their products and services.

I broadened my skills. Read books, talked to experts, agency owners and and focused on delivering real results for my clients.

I have a passion for digital marketing and love working with business owners to implement tools and systems to grow, find leads and sell.

I founded Bridgeight in 2019, a US based digital marketing agency.

It was born out of a passion for technology, results, analytics and helping people.

Bridgeight helps business owners bridge the chasm between their business objectives and the systems needed to market, sell and deliver their services.

I'm proud to say that Bridgeight has grown to become a leading provider in services across the digital marketing industry and has worked with over 170 brands in various industries including coaching, consulting, ecommerce, real estate and education.

I host a podcast called The Marketing Stack Podcast, publish a newsletter and put out content on my YouTube channel. and on X @burhaanpattel.

If you want to start, grow and monetize an email newsletter? Sign up for my first online course Email Unlocked.

If you're ready to grow your brand, book a consultation here.

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Over 10 years experience

Burhaan has started multiple businesses over the last 10 years. Some have failed, others were sold, but the experience he carries is always with him.

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Anytime support

Burhaan provides support to clients via email, chat and over video calls as often as needed. His mission is to solve problems as fast as possible.

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Burhaan believes in an iterative way of getting work done. Small incremental wins daily is what brings success to any person.

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