11. Content Marketing: How to Effectively Create Content

Content Marketing

Creating content is pretty difficult. Knowing what to create is probably the most important piece to the entire process.

In this video I talk about how to come up with content for your YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram and all the other platforms out there.

Knowing what you do and where your audience hangs out, is important. Start creating content for the platform that you are comfortable with, and also for your people.

Next, choose your content topic and divide that topic up into sub topics or chapters. This will give you topics that make it easy for you to create in video or written form, but also make it easy for your audience to consume.

That’s it. Really..!

Show Notes:

Burhaan Pattel  0:07  
Hey, so my name is Burhaan and I wanted to do a live stream been playing around with content a lot, you know, recording videos editing them. And in this video I want to talk about in this livestream, I want to talk a little bit about content and content marketing and how to effectively create content for, you know, your YouTube channel for your emails for your website, maybe your blog, maybe your podcast, it's kind of one of those. One of those topics which is so broad and so massive that you know, it's it's, it's kind of unfathomable, but it's also huge. Some people feel like it's difficult to do, most people think it's difficult to do. And a lot of people think it's not so difficult to do. I do apologize if the stream is a little bit glitchy. It's purely because I'm testing OBS, and yeah, OBS and Catalina has been tricky lately. But nonetheless, let's get on to the topic, content marketing.

Burhaan Pattel  1:12  
So when it comes to content, there's lots that you can do. And of course, this video, there's live streaming. And so when it comes to video, there's live streaming, there's recorded video there's live streaming on Facebook, there's live streaming on YouTube, there's live streaming on Periscope if you watch there, you know, you've got Instagram stories, which is video, you got Instagram TV, IGTV you got video on Pinterest now you've got video on LinkedIn. There's also LinkedIn live if you have access to that. And a whole host of other platforms, tik tok, you know, the short form content, Twitter, if you want to do video for Twitter, and it's it's kind of an endless cycle of what what do you do? What do you create content for? So I guess, at the beginning of it all, and the core of it all is well what do you want to make content about? And then figure out? Well, what is that content linked to? So are you a blogger and you love writing about travel? Or you like write writing on fashion stuff? Or, you know, what's your niche? What is your business? What is your goal? What is your interest, you know, and then linking the topics, linking what you do to the platform that matches where the audiences.

Burhaan Pattel  2:32  
Now you could say, you could arguably say that Facebook has all the audience. But that's not true. There's a lot of people that don't use Facebook, a lot of people that don't use Facebook, for educational content, there's a lot of people that use YouTube for entertainment, entertainment, but also educational content. I, for example, have learned to ride a motorbike, you know, a proper super bike from YouTube videos. My first, you know, first time I rode a motorcycle was I think about 10 years ago. And I don't know I was 27, 28 at the time. And I you know, open YouTube search, you know how to learn to ride a motorbike and I learned the clutch controls and learn the brakes and learned the gears and all of those things from YouTube videos, which isn't that. But that's possible. You know, people people do that. It's possible to do that.

Burhaan Pattel  3:29  
So the question is on YouTube, like, what are you going to do? If it's YouTube, you know, what type of content so one of the things I'd like to talk about is, when it comes to YouTube. When it comes to YouTube, it's it's like, Okay, we've got the we've got the niche we've got, you know, maybe we have the right audience. So the audience is on YouTube, you know that the people are going to be interested, they're going to be watching. Question is do you do it live? Do you do it recorded? If it's recorded, fine, you may need an editor, all those things. But that's all the how to get the content out. Right. So the stream is more tape telling about how to effectively choose or how to effectively you know, get your content done. Or effectively create the content. And creating the content is, well, not so easy. You know, you might think of topics, but at the end of the day, it comes down to Well, what are you what do you know, what are you interested in? And what is what are your people interested in? So this particular video is about content marketing, and it's fairly broad.

Burhaan Pattel  4:38  
But, you know, I am hoping that you who are watching or who watch it after the fact will be interested in you know, creating content for your business for your personal life, maybe for, you know, some sort of endeavor that you want to do creatively and that's ultimately what it comes down to the content is the creation piece, that's where all the ideas, that's where all the thoughts, that's where all the anxiety, all the fear, all the animosity is because, you know, at the end of the day, you're trying to take an idea, from inception, you're trying to create something that's interesting, possibly, you're trying to create something that's entertaining, possibly, and put it out into the world. And, you know, you're not doing it for, well, what I recommend is, and something I read yesterday is, you know, you don't content writers don't write, for people who are reading, yes, you have an audience, but you write for your writing, you know, you write for yourself, as a as a way to let go.

Burhaan Pattel  5:47  
So I make videos, or I've started to make videos so that I can, you know, put my thoughts out, document the process, document, what's going on in my life. And I haven't been consistent at doing that, because we've just been so busy running my business and growing my business. And so content marketing, something that I'm focusing on, I figured, well, what better way to start live streaming, then to actually use content marketing as a, as a, as a topic, you know, how to effectively create content. So what we want to do is, think of what you want to say, what type of niche you're in, and then categorize, you know, different avenues. So for example, in digital marketing, we've got, you know, there's email marketing, there's video content, there's blogging, there's, you know, there's the website itself, then there's marketing funnels, then there's, you know, optimization techniques that come along with, you know, all of those things, and, and then getting traffic, so paid campaigns, maybe Facebook ads, maybe Google ads, so there's lots to cover. And so what, what I aim to do in terms of this channel is segment all of those different topics. And then every week, or every couple of days, you know, talk a little bit about each of those things.

Burhaan Pattel  7:11  
And try to lead, lead it as a as an educational type of channel, where here, we're talking about content marketing, and how to effectively create content. So once you've got your niche, you've got your business idea, you've got your broader sort of demographic in terms of who you're talking to, you know, which platform that you want to promote your content or publish your content, you're going to start creating subtopics of what people are interested in. So let's say, you know, in terms of digital marketing, we want to write about, we want to do a video about email marketing. So with email marketing, there's lots of sub topics. There's, you know, effective writing skills, there's what type of subject line do you use? There's what tools do you use to actually promote your emails? Or send your emails out? How do you create an email list? How do you build an audience? How do you get people to subscribe to email list? You know, how do you create a lead nurture campaign? And these are all topics that I'll cover? How do you create a lead nurture campaign where you're sending emails to people on a regular basis, not too often, regular basis where you know, you're feeding, the people's need to learn, you're feeding their need to consume your content, maybe they're subscribe to your email list because they want to learn about or you've offered them, you know, something that you want to teach them.

Burhaan Pattel  8:38  
And so you, you give them little, you know, little an email every couple of days, or every week, which may be a course. Okay? Then, once you've got those subtopics, there's further sub sub topics like what I did, in terms of, you know, subject line, and this subtopics within the subject line. So it's like, do you create emojis in your subject line? How do you split test your subject line? How do you write an effective subject line that's going to create interest to get people to open your emails? It's the same thing with YouTube, how do you create an effective thumbnail? How do you create an effective title? You know, what do you write in the title to get people to first find you and then click on you, right, that's where the thumbnail comes in. So these are the type of things that one I'm going to be talking about in further in future videos, but also, it's it's this thing of just getting your content in a way that's structured like a textbook.

Burhaan Pattel  9:42  
So if you open a textbook of any subject, let's say economics is a boring topic. But if you look up if we open the Index page, normally the authors of a textbook have got subjects you know main headlines, and then sub chapters. No. Okay, so you've got chapters, and then you got headlines within. So each of those sections are topical to that chapter. So everything is really related and it cascades down. And each you can think of it is a each paragraph within a chapter is related to, and then you've got subheadings, and, you know, bullet points and all of those things. So that's a structure of a book. That's a structure of a textbook. And that's the kind of philosophy and that's the kind of thinking you need to use when or thinking you need to apply to creating your content. And then each subtopic, possibly even each paragraph, can become a video can become an email can become a piece of content can become a tweet, if you will. So, yeah, wanted to keep that short, you know, 10 minute livestream 15 minute livestream.

Burhaan Pattel  10:52  
Let me know in the comments. If you're curious to know more, I will be doing more videos like this. And I don't want to have them so structured. I'm going to try to do them regularly. And yeah, do subscribe, if you enjoy this type of content. Hit the like button, comment below on stuff that you want to know. And let me know about the quality of the stream because to me, OBS is glitching out I may need to try different streaming software. I'm not quite sure Catalina has kind of broken a lot of things on the internet these days. But it looks fine on my end, and I'll rewatch this later. So yeah, do me a favor. Thank you so much. Appreciate you and have fun. Enjoy creating your content. And I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much. Bye.

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