04. Digital Marketing Tools To Get The Job Done

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Using the right digital marketing tools for the job is very important. If you use the wrong tool you may get to the outcome you want, but it may cause you frustration and take you more time and even money.

In this episode, I give the example of upgrading my laptop and software to make video editing easier for myself. These were expensive upgrades, but the long term effects of making me more efficient at making videos have made my life easier and saves me time every time I sit down to edit a video.

The principle also applies to the tools you use when building a business. Website hosts, website builders, email marketing tools, lead generation tools, CRM software, are just a few examples of things you need in your business to make it function.

Hiring and leveraging people can also be huge for your business. Hiring people to do the things you may not know how to do, or that you know can do a better job than you can help your business tremendously. Outsourcing is a whole other topic, which I will cover in a future video.

Show Notes:

Burhaan Pattel (00:00):

There's a story that Seth Godin talks about all the time. And he uses this analogy of a drill bit. So it says that if you are looking to make a hole in the wall, that's your Optum, right? You're not buying a drill, but because you need a drill bit you're buying a drill bit because you need a hole in the wall or in the piece of wood or wherever you're making the hole, but the hole is also not the end result is not the final destination. The final destination is if it's a wall you want to maybe hang a shelf on there that you're going to use, maybe you put ornaments or something on that shelf, right. Wether it is to create extra storage in your home, or just to aesthetically, make some, make a room, look better. Whatever the purpose of that shelf is, the drill bit is the means to the end.

Burhaan Pattel (00:49):

It's the, it's the thing that helps you get to where you want to get to, because we can't make holes in the walls with our fingers. Right? So using that analogy, it's the same when it comes to digital marketing and online, running an online business or building an online business. I'll use an example of video editing software because it's something that I've recently experienced. I've, in the past I've recorded videos, done some editing myself. And the laptop that I had at the time used to take sort of 45 to 45 minutes to an hour to render, let's say a 30 minute video clip. Now, granted my videos a lot longer at that point. I tried live streaming, to try to cut out the editing process. But again, that laptop was not, high-end enough to be able to do streaming, at the, you know, the quality of the video was just, wasn't great.

Burhaan Pattel (01:48):

So one of the tools, obviously that I needed to upgrade, or I needed to get a better laptop to be able to do better editing. So that would save me time editing. And if I want to do live streams, it would be, it was capable of doing live stream. Okay. So that's step one. So I got that fixed. That was huge. Cut my editing time from 45 minutes plus render time off, you know, another 45 to an hour. So editing, editing time from two hours down to something like 30 minutes and that's a huge time saving. Another thing I did was I decided to do a trial of final cut pro, but I figured, you know, final cut pro is developed by Apple. I'm using an Apple machine. And so it probably is optimized for, I took a quick cost, like 30 minute course on how to use final cut pro using final cut pro is just a dream.

Burhaan Pattel (02:41):

I learned to keyboard shortcuts really, really quickly. They were, it was really, really simple, really easy. Now I'm no fancy video editor and I don't make a living as a video editor, but just being able to record these videos and knock, knock it out, sort of in five or 10 minutes edited, render it and have it uploaded, all within the space of 30 minutes. The longest time it takes from, for me now to actually record these videos is the recording the videos. And that's actually what it should be. You know, the tool that you use shouldn't limit your ability to, to get to the end product, right, that drill bit makes it easy to make the hole in the wall if the drill bit made it harder for you to make a hole in the wall you use, you wouldn't use the drill bit, right drill bits are efficient at what they do.

Burhaan Pattel (03:29):

And if you're using the wrong type of drill bit for the wrong material that you're trying to put the hole into, that also is an issue, right? You're not going to get the, the quality of the home quality of the hole. Imagine me saying that, the quality of the hole that you're trying to get to using the tool that's appropriate for your use case, is important. And it translates also into people, right? So having a video editor, trying to run Facebook ads for me is not going to work. I mean, that's logically. That just makes sense. But all day long, people are trying to do things that they're not comfortable in doing. But again, in your business, if you have a specific, a set of tasks, you have a specific skill set that you're needing to be able to deliver and to be able to service your clients, then you need to use, and you need to leverage those people's skills.

Burhaan Pattel (04:22):

You need to find the right people, leverage that experience, experience, leverage that expertise to be able to deliver a good quality product. Outsourcing is definitely an option in many ways to, to, to do what you, what you need to do to be able to deliver on what you've promised to deliver. Even if it's an internal project, even if it's something that you can do on your own. Anyway, if you liked this video, please let me know what tools you're using to leverage your time. What tools are you struggling with that you, that you thought would help you, but are just not. So again, it's that, are you using a drill bit that's created to put a hole in wood and you're trying to make it work to create a hole in concrete, right? It's just not going to happen, but it might happen, but it's not going to turn out well anyway, so comment below, let me know your struggles. Let me know what tools you're using, what tools you you've tried and you haven't sort of figured out yet, or it just hasn't worked for you comment below. And, if you like this video, please do leave a, like a, it's an indication to me that I should make more content like this. And if you like the channel, subscribe for updates and for new videos. Thank you so much for watching. My name is Burhaan. I'll see you in the next one. Bye.

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