Your Vibe = Your Tribe


A few weeks back, I was attending a live course session hosted by a popular YouTuber and he mentioned the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

I’d never heard this specific phrase before.

I had heard concepts relating to energy and good karma. My mind automatically associated it with that.

But the speaker went into more detail.

He described vibe as the look and feel our online presence gives to people.

The channel art, font styles, color choices, video editing, sound choices, music, background, lighting, etc. are all creating a vibe.

In marketing, we usually refer to these elements in terms of branding.

But it goes beyond just how we want things to look.

The vibe we put out into the world also dictates the type of people we attract.

As creators, business owners and entrepreneurs we must always be marketing. It is in the act of putting our content onto the internet that we are expecting a result. A registration to our webinar, an opt in to our lead magnet, or a sale of our product.

But how much of a thought are we putting into the feeling people get when we show up online?

I used this idea in a workshop this week. I explained to a group of people the concept of color psychology.

The idea is that each color creates a different feeling, and that creators need to think of the colors they are using on their websites, logos, email newsletters, YouTube Thumbnails etc, to create an emotional reaction in people.

Image Source: Color Psychology: How Color Meanings Affect Your Brand

As you can see, brands have used colors for ages.

I’m not saying that choosing the right color will determine the success or failure of your business.

But, the elements you choose for your brand, will determine the type of people you attract.

So choose wisely.

Keep creating.
Burhaan Pattel

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She has a very interesting exercise in the first quarter of the book where she helped reframe my current net worth. The summary of which is on Twitter.

Podcast Episode:

I had a very good chat with Andrew Barry around Cohort Based Courses (CBC’s). I do think it was the best podcast interview I have had ever. Do check it out.

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40. Getting Started with Cohort Based Courses (CBC’s) with Andrew Barry

In this episode, Andrew and I talk about his experience with Cohort Based Courses (CBC’s).

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