What Books Have You Read In 2020?

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2020 had been a whirlwind year. Wow. As a reader and consumer of all things marketing and personal development, I took my mind off of things that were going on around me by reading more.

I actually have an Amazon wish list which always has books ready to be bought, downloaded and read (or listened to). I also have an Audible Plus Membership which makes sure that I always have credits to get the books I want, without having to pay for each book individually.

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These are some of the best books I've read in 2020 and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

My 2020 book list:

Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson

The definition of sales funnels and online marketing

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

Want to show up as an expert online? This book will show you how

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

Russel covers his best traffic strategies to grow Clickfunnels to $100M+

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Get the work done, using these tried and true techniques

A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger

The right questions bring out the right solutions, insights and learnings

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Habits are us. James shares how to form good habits and how to drop the bad ones

Get Clients Now by C. J. Hayden

A simple yet effective formula to finding and converting new clients in whatever setting

The One Thing by Gary Keller

What is the most important thing you need to do? Understand what that is and how to attain it

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

Do you know who your dream 100 clients are and how to get them to take notice of you? This book shows you how

What are your top picks from 2020?

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