Top Four Issues Online Coaches Face - And How To Overcome Them

Online Coaching

Getting your coaching business to take off can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Read on to learn about four issues that cause online coaches to throw in the towel.

Gaining Clients

It's hard to have a coaching online business when you don't have anyone to coach! It's key to build your reputation before you can expect people to come to you looking for your services. The best way to do this? Offer your services at a free or discounted rate to family and friends in exchange for an honest review. It's paramount that you treat these initial coachees as gold star clients. Impress these people, and you'll make it more likely that they'll rave about you to family and friends.

No rave reviews from your test clients yet? Set your ego aside and have an honest conversation with them. Ask them what you could be doing better. Constructive criticism is the best way to make your business better. This also lets clients know that their feedback is important to you. Use the feedback they give you to create new strategies. Invite them back for a second try, and see if you've found a way to meet their needs. This will give you a confidence boost and show your client that you care about their feedback. This also makes it much more likely that they'll send others your way (and write you a positive review). Don't forget to thank you clients for their support. When they write a review, give them a call or send them a thank you note to tell them how much you appreciate their support.

Client Retention

Already have paying clients? Now it's time to focus on keeping them. Keep clients coming back by checking in with them from time to time. Check up on how the skills you worked on together are continuing to improve their lives. Regular email outreach is also key. When using email outreach as a tool to keep clients coming back, it's important to add value in your emails. If you're a lifestyle coach, link to a motivational video you've been loving lately. If you're a fitness coach, include a new healthy recipe or a quick interval workout. You want to be sure that you're giving content reminding them of why they wanted to work with you in the first place. Free content takes time to create, but it's worth it's weight in gold when it brings back paying clients.

Getting Referrals

Referrals are the backbone of successful coaching businesses. If you don't have a referral program in place, it's time to start one. Fanciness isn't required. A handwritten note and a $10 Starbucks card to someone who refers a paying customer to you is plenty. The key here is consistency. When clients see that referrals are rewarded, they'll keep referring. Don't forget to let your clients know about your referral program. Roll it out to them in an email blast, or include it with new client paperwork. Referral programs are great because you're getting your clients to do the work for you. People are more likely to trust what they hear from a friend than what they read in a review or what they see in an ad.

The Leap From Free To Paid

As a coach, you give away free content via your Facebook or Instagram to let people know what you have to offer. This can get people curious, but you need them to move from free consumer to paying customer. There are a few tried and true ways to do that. First, you have to ask. When you see someone interacting with your free content, talk to them about working with you. Raffles for a free coaching session are a great way to segue people into becoming paid clients as well. Offer a free session to a lucky winner it's a great way for people to try out your services.

Online coaching is a tough business, but if you have the drive and work ethic to succeed, it's rewarding. Providing consistent top quality work is key. There will be setbacks in business, but as long as you keep learning, you will build momentum.

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