Give Up Hoarding

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I officially gave up on being a hoarder.

Over the last few years, I worked towards a perfect desk and living setup.

I bought various pieces of equipment so I could work more efficiently at my desk, optimize my background on zoom calls, and find the perfect angle for my YouTube videos. And I realized that I had accumulated a lot of stuff that I just was not using.

My weight loss journey forced me to go through 2 wardrobe changes, which meant that 90% of my clothing was no longer needed.

Turns out I was accumulating things to massage my ego. In my mind, I thought I was successful because I had all these things which I would move around with from place to place.It was exhausting to say the least.

All the stuff became a burden. Every time I made an environment change, the stuff moved with me. I was scared to let go.

I learned many years back that we actually need very little to survive. And if you are beyond surviving, then spending money on healthy food, great experiences and self care matters far more than material things.

To being minimal and happy.

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