Great People Are Hard To Find

Business Growth

If you're in a managerial or leadership role, you know how hard it is to find great quality people.

Talent can be found on many fronts. Good skill, personality, and ability to work with others.

Most people develop their skills through education or practicing a craft. This is the easiest pillar to work on. It's the area we're encouraged to work on through the schooling system.

Personality is not that easy to cultivate. We use a trial-by-fire approach on this front. But emotion gets in the way of feedback.

Ego takes a hold and it's harder to work on certain characteristics which we think are not problem areas.

Working as a team member can be easy for some. It's essential for most people who want to create a big business and become ultra-successful. Introverts know well that they can lock themselves up in a room and get work done.

Finding the combination of skills, personality and cooperation is the trick. Seek those who possess these traits, negotiate well, and make people feel valued. This way they will be loyal to your cause.

Needles in the haystack are hard to find but so worth the effort.

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