First-Time Course Creators Are Failing Because Of This

Online Course Creation

Course creators are making the mistake of making their course first.

This has got to stop. Don’t make your online course first.

Logically, it makes sense that you may make this mistake. To enjoy a cupcake you must make it first.

But in business, if we make a product and then ask people if they want it, chances are they won’t.

What’s the alternative?

Ask people what they want to learn from you.

Ask many people in your niche.

Talk to them in person.

I’m talking 40–60 people. The more the better.

You could create a questionnaire on Google Forms. But always follow up with an in-person meeting or Zoom call.

Those who know you will give you some ideas and that’s fine. But asking strangers in your industry is a far better source of feedback.


They won’t care to hurt your feelings. Or worry about how their answer will impact the end result.

Statistically, this gives you a better sample size to collate the answers and work on a product.

Ask those you’ve interviewed if they would buy what you think to make.

If enough people buy, make a minimum viable version of the product.

Then iterate based on product feedback and repeat.

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