The Four Hour Work Week - How the book changed my life

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The Book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris has made a dramatic impact on my life.

In the Book Tim talks about the different ways in which one can live life more freely and with less complications.

How you can kill your 9 to 5 job, and live anywhere while earning a living. A term he coined, lifestyle design. The book made me realize that it is possible to do everything you want in life, if you just start to work smarter and really break things down to understand them purely and simply for what they are.

He examines the reasons for doing what you do. The reasons for what you want and the reasons for waking up in the morning. The truth in the matter is. Why wake up to a job you hate to speak to people you don't like, and live in a place you hate or are unhappy with.

We all have a choice to live the life we want, to spend time with people we want to spend it with, and have a job or business we love working in.

Thats what this video is about.

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