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Planning the content for your first sales webinar can be a challenge. Getting people to buy from you in a group setting is very challenging if you are not prepared.

In this video I discuss the structure of your webinar and what to look out for when presenting to your webinar attendees.

Here is the webinar structure which I give my clients:

00:00 Enjoy the video

04:46 1. Start early

05:17 2. Welcome people

06:39 3. Discuss problems or challenges they face

07:49 4. Get them to imagine their ideal dream state

08:58 5. Teach. Show them a fix

11:36 6. Pitch your offer in a Call to Action (CTA)

15:28 7. Show Testimonials (social proof)

16:21 8. Address objections

18:03 9. Second Call to Action

18:53 10. Questions and Answer session

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