My Biggest Struggle as an Entrepreneur



Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with numerous challenges, and each entrepreneur faces their own set of unique struggles. For me, the most daunting challenge has been hiring and working with people. Today, I want to share my story and the insights I’ve gained through this difficult yet enlightening process.

The Perfectionist Trap

My struggle with hiring and managing people stems from my perfectionist tendencies. Over the years, I’ve developed a very particular way of working and a high standard for the quality of work I produce. This mindset, while beneficial in some aspects, has also been a hurdle when collaborating with others.One major realization I've had is that my way of thinking and executing tasks is unique to me. It’s not necessarily better, but different. This difference has made it tough for me to give effective feedback and to accept work that doesn’t meet my exact standards

Doing It All Myself

In the past, my perfectionism led me to take on all tasks by myself, pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion. I would work tirelessly, convinced that only I could achieve the level of quality I desired. This approach, while productive in the short term, was unsustainable and ultimately counterproductive.

A Shift in Perspective

Recently, I've come to understand the importance of working with others and fostering their development. I've learned to appreciate the value of coaching and guiding team members towards the goal, rather than expecting them to deliver perfection from the get-go. Now, I’m satisfied if someone’s work meets 60% to 70% of my expectations initially, knowing that improvement will come with time and experience.

This shift in perspective has reshaped my approach to management. I now focus on helping others grow, which in turn, helps the business grow. It's a gradual process, but one that is crucial for long-term success.


In conclusion, the journey of improving how I hire and work with people has been my biggest struggle as an entrepreneur. It requires a delicate balance between maintaining high standards and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented environment. While it remains a work in progress, embracing this challenge has already started to yield positive results.

Every entrepreneur faces their own unique challenges, and it's important to acknowledge them, work through them, and grow from them. Remember, perfection isn't the goal – progress is.

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