Google Analytics Tracking and How To Increase Sales


How can we use Google Analytics tracking to increase sales on your ecommerce store?  

One of the main reasons to use Google Analytics is to understand what people are doing on your website.  It gives us information about where people are coming from, what they did, which pages they visited and if they became a lead or converted into a customer.  

Knowing how to read the information in Google Analytics is critical. Looking at metrics like Bounce Rate and Exit Rate, Conversion Rate, Value per user is important. They tell the story behind the users journey.  

How do we increase sales? If we know what the statistics are from your website, then we can understand which parts of the website need to be improved. The data will give you insights as to what changes can be done, and track those changes in a split test to see if the change made a positive or negative impact on the business.  

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