Email Retargeting - How to Get More Sales By Leveraging Email Automation

Email Marketing

Email retargeting is one of the most important elements of building an online business.

Whether you own a Shopify store, Woocommerce store, an eCommerce business, or a marketing funnel. It also applies if you are trying to promote a course or training product online.  

Email retargeting should be set up to engage with your potential customers. Not annoy them. Your emails should be straight forward, to the point and be sent out at a reasonable time and frequency.  

I show an example of how one Email abandoned cart flow generated $70k for a client in June 2019. This was a very basic setup using a popup offering a discount coupon code which was delivered to subscribers via email.

In the second and third email, we reminded people who had subscribed but not yet bought.  

With Klaviyo there are loads of options that can be set up to automate your abandoned cart emails and create intelligence in the system so that people who should not be emailed, don't.

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