Digital Marketing Tools To Get The Job Done

Video Editing

Using the right digital marketing tools for the job is very important. If you use the wrong tool you may get to the outcome you want, but it may cause you frustration and take you more time and even money.  

In this video, I give the example of upgrading my laptop and software to make video editing easier for myself. These were expensive upgrades, but the long term effects of making me more efficient at making videos have made my life easier and saves me time every time I sit down to edit a video.  

The principle also applies to the tools you use when building a business. Website hosts, website builders, email marketing tools, lead generation tools, CRM software, are just a few examples of things you need in your business to make it function.  

Hiring and leveraging people can also be huge for your business. Hiring people to do the things you may not know how to do, or that you know can do a better job than you can help your business tremendously. Outsourcing is a whole other topic, which I will cover in a future video.

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