Digital Marketing Q&A | 2021 (Ask Burhaan)

Business Growth

I answer questions related to how to start from zero, how I got started in digital marketing, how to get started as a freelancer and a few others. Enjoy!

00:00 Welcome

00:24 Should landing pages have a form or pop up for lead generation?

01:16 How do you know how much to budget for a project? In terms of ad spend and target CPA.

02:20 How do one get leads as a consultant starting from zero?

03:50 How do one get traction as a freelancer on the major platforms? (Upwork, etc)

05:12 How to determine one's consulting fee on Upwork?

06:06 How to keep up with new stuff?

07:38 What's the next level of marketing?

08:48 How to sell yourself authentically?

09:52 How did I get started as a Digital Marketer?

10:57 What do you love the most about Digital Marketer?

11:35 What do you think is the best email marketing platform for someone starting out online?

12:32 What is your biggest why when you first started on this YT journey? :)

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