Checklist To Start Your Business Online

Business Growth

Starting an online business can be challenging and daunting. I hope this checklist will help you get all the basic things you need to start your online business.  

Work your way through this checklist:

  1. Name your business
  2. Your why
  3. Who are you serving?
  4. Domain Name
  5. Social Accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  6. Register on Google my Business -
  7. Get your Email addresses
  8. Design your website
  9. Logo and branding
  10. Social Assets including banners and graphics
  11. Register a Google Analytics Account -
  12. Facebook Business -
  13. Google Ads Account -
  14. Website Integrations
  15. Build an Email List - Email Marketing with ConvertKit:
  16. Content marketing - Social Media posting

This checklist is just the beginning to create an online presence for your business.

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