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Did you know there's a sales technique that's over 100 years old and still works today.

It's called the AIDA formula.  It's a way to capture your audience's attention, keep it, and get them to take action. It's used in almost every type of marketing, from print ads to billboards to social media posts.

It's one of the most essential formulas in marketing, but how exactly are you supposed to follow it?

There's a very specific order to follow, and without them, your message will fall flat.

The Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) formula was originally developed to sell more door-to-door, but it works in almost all mediums today.

Your goal is to attract a person's attention, create an interest in them, increase their desire and cause them to take action.


Attention is the first step in the AIDA formula. You want to grab people's attention, so you need to make them curious about what you're doing. To do that, you have to give them something they don't have—something they haven't seen before.

A great way to grab attention is by telling a story. You can also use numbers, statistics, or facts.

Another way to get attention is by being controversial. For example, saying that you don't think drinking water is healthy (even though it is).


Interest is the second step in the AIDA formula. Once you've grabbed their attention, you need to keep it by showing them why your product or service is unique and valuable. You can do this by telling a story about how it can improve their lives or change their perspective on something important.


Desire is the third step in the AIDA formula. You want your audience to feel motivated and excited about buying from you—so show them how easy it will be! Show them how much better their lives will be if they use your product or service instead of another one on the market today. Create a sense of urgency by using words like "today", "now", and "limited time offer".


Action is the fourth step in the AIDA formula. This is where most businesses go wrong: they try to sell too soon! Before asking for action, make sure that your audience has already been convinced by what you've said so far—make sure they're ready to buy!

Include a call to action in your email such as "sign up now" or "enter your email address here".

An example using the AIDA formula


"I just got this new pair of shoes that are so comfortable, you'll love them."


"I've been shopping around for the perfect pair of shoes and I think these are it. They're [shoe color] and they feel like they've been made just for me."


"They're on sale right now! Get them while they last!"


"Click here to order your pair today!"


If you're looking for a formula to help guide your marketing campaigns, AIDA is definitely worth putting some time into learning. That doesn't mean you have to follow it to a tee. It's a somewhat flexible approach. But consistency is key in marketing. You want your audience to know what to expect from you and enjoy that fit. If you're a consistent and reliable resource for your audience, chances are they'll be more willing to take the next step: taking action.

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