Typeshare Review: Templates, Costs and Effective Usage for Social Media Growth

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Typeshare is your online writing assistant and publisher. TypeShare brings together everything you need to start writing online, including powerful writing tools and a library of helpful content. Publish to Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium all in one place. Overcome writes block with it's AI powered idea generator, pre-made writing templates and resources. Template packs make it easy for you to start writing atomic essays, Twitter threads, and LinkedIn posts that are proven to hook your audience, keep them engaged and grow your business. Get your free account. Sign up to Typeshare today and get a 30 day trial and 50% off for 3 months!
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As a content creator or online business owner, you know that creating engaging and visually appealing content is crucial for expanding your reach on social media platforms. However, constantly creating new content can be time-consuming and exhausting.

This is where Typeshare come in. In this Typeshare review, you'll learn:

  • how Typeshare can help you generate ideas for content,
  • about the best Typeshare templates available, their features, benefits, pricing, and
  • how to use them effectively to expand your reach on social media platforms.

What is Typeshare?

Typeshare is an online writing app, created by the team behind Ship 30 for 30, Sam Shore, Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole. 

They created Typeshare to give writers or aspirng online business owners a place to publish their content without the need for a blog and to be able to create and publish content to social platforms easily.

Today Typeshare has evolved to help creators generate ideas, use templates to make writing easier and give them the tools they need to publish online.

In fact they "are on a mission to remove all friction required for anyone to start writing online."

That's a pretty bold statement.

So let's get into how they aim to deliver on this promise.

Generate Endless Content Ideas

Typeshare has developed a feature called the "Endless Idea Generator" which you can try free from the Typeshare website, without having to sign up to the app. 

It uses a ChatGPT like prompt to help you generate ideas based on your topic and audience.

The ideas are displayed as cards which you can swipe through, save your favorites to 'My Ideas' and turn them into atomic essays if you so choose.

Typeshare Idea Generator
Typeshare Idea Generator Card Options

Once you have a good idea for your social post, blog, email, essays or website copy, it's time to get writing. 

This is where most writers who want to build a business online get stuck. Business content creation can be really difficult for some. 

Typeshare helps overcome this challenge by giving you access to a range of writing templates.

What are Typeshare Templates?

Typeshare templates are writing layouts that help you fill in prompts to work on your project.

They include templates for:

  • Atomic Essays (more on these later),
  • Twitter Threads,
  • LinkedIn Posts,
  • Subatomic Essays, and
  • Tweets.

Templates are also categorized so templates are easy to find depending on your goals for the piece you are writing.

Typeshare templates are not available on the free plan and can only be accessed as a Pro Member. Sign up to Typeshare PRO here.

They help you save time and effort by giving you a pre-scripted layout that can be easily customized to fit your writing style.

Their templates have been created and curated by Dickie and Nicolas, both are prolific writers and have a ton of experience publishing content with the intention of growing a following and building online businesses.

In my opinion, Typeshare Pro is money well spent to have access to a platform dedicated to  help you write and gives you tried-and-tested templates that are created by and used by successful online writers like Dickie and Cole.

Atomic Essays

An atomic essay is a 250 word essay which is longer than a Twitter thread but shorter than a blog. They're posted as images online which make them visually eye catching and engaging.

By my understanding, Typeshare was initially designed to create and share atomic essays to social media. The idea is to post these essays as a way to test if your content ideas resonate with your audience. Using data and feedback from your posts you can then decide to spend more time on creating content around similar topic, hook, structure or angel or go in a different direction.

Dicky and Cole teach more about atomic essays and writing concepts in their course Ship 30 for 30.

Typeshare's Social Blog

Content created in Typeshare, be it an atomic essay, tweet/thread, LinkedIn Post, Medium Story or blog post can be shared to a Typeshare Social Blog free.

The social blog gives you a home on the internet for your content without having to code/develop  and maintain a full blown website or blogging platform. It's a convenient way to get a social blog up and running and also post your content to social media via the app.

Posts can be published or unpublished from the Social Blog with a click of a button. 

You also have the ability to update your username, profile photo, cover photo, bio and social blog links within settings of the app.

Other Features of Typeshare

While navigating Typeshare I noticed a few interesting features which will help you become a more consistent writer.


All aspiring writers know that their biggest challenge is developing a writing habit. Typeshare Pro cleverly included a streak counter to give you a bit of a lift when you see how you are doing with forming a writing habit.

Typeshare streak
Publishing streak on Typeshare Pro.


If you write a lot you know that organizing your content becomes quite important. Collections is Typeshare's solution to keep your sanity within the app. Create a collection, give it a description and your collection appears in a convenient location in the left column.

Add existing written pieces from your library to your collections or generate ideas and write from within a collection. 

If you've shared your posts to your Typeshare Social Blog, the collections will appear as a menu item making it easy for users to search for your content by collection.

For now, written collections can only be added to one collection at a time.

Typeshare Pricing

Typeshare offers two pricing tears on their website. Free and Typeshare Pro.

Typeshare Free gives you access to write as many pieces as you like, publish to your own Typeshare Social Blog, setup up to 5 collections and generate 10 ideas per day.

Typeshare Pro includes everything from the free plan but you will can create unlimited collections, generate unlimited ideas, get access to over 200 writing templates, see your streaks, create a custom theme and get access to a weekly newsletter where the team breaks down viral content.

Typeshare Pro Plan
Typeshare Pro Plan gives you access to templates and so much more.

Support and Updates

Typeshare has a chat button on their site which offers users a convenient place to seach for help, or open a support ticket.

Typeshare shares updates to customers on Twitter, email and their change log. Keep up to date with developments and changes to the app.


As an aspiring writer and soon to be member of Ship 30 for 30, I believe that the simplciity of Typeshare is it's greatest strenghts.

If you're looking for a writing tool that will help you create ideas, help you structure your content so you never start from a blank page again and helps you publish content either to your own Soaicl Blog or social media then Typeshare is the right tool for you.

Sign up to Typeshare today here and get a 30 day trial and 50% off for 3 months!

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