15. What Is The ONE Thing You Hope To Accomplish This Week?

Business Growth

When it comes to being productive there are a few things you can do to work faster, do be more productive.

These days I tend to focus on as few things as possible.

I share some of my top tips when it comes to getting work done in this episode.

Show Notes:

Burhaan Pattel (00:06):

Hey, Hey, Hey, what's up Facebook.

Burhaan Pattel (00:12):

I wanted to do a video today about just getting things done and asking the question, what are you going to accomplish this week? So this comes at the back of a couple of things that I've done in my life or in my career when it comes to being productive. And you know how everybody's so obsessed about being productive, about getting more things done, about doing things faster, about trying to increase your hourly rate or trying to get more work out of the door. And basically people are focused on a volume mindset. They have, they have this volume mindset where they need to rush to their meetings, or they have to, you know, click as many buttons as possible, or they have to be like slot as many things as they can. And they have this huge to-do list, in front of them every single day.

Burhaan Pattel (01:02):

Because they've got so many things to do. And yeah, I do have long to do this, but I want to talk about the backstory and how I actually got to the point that I am right now. So like you, like I just said, you know, we had lots of to-do lists, had books and reams and, tasks in Asana and lots of things to manage myself, to try to figure out what needs to be done. You know, the calendar was always full of stuff that needed to be done because clients were demanding on certain things or, you know, employees or staff or contractors, or, you know, just people we work with in general are just demanding lots of different things. And I used to be like that for a long, long time. In fact, it's only recently that I, that I made a change and what I really wanted to change to was, to not do everything myself, to not have to physically be involved with every single thing in the business, not be physically involved in every single meeting, not be physically involved with every single little nuance that needs to be done for every single client or every single person or every single, whatever, whatever it is that you need to deliver on.

Burhaan Pattel (02:11):

And my desire, my external desire was, well, one, you know, that, that I could have more time, right? Well, that actually is an internal desire that I would just have more time for myself. But then the struggle that I used to have with that is, well, if everybody else is doing all the work for me, what am I going to do? Right? This is a legitimate thing that that business owners or entrepreneurs have, especially when it gets started is, well, what am I going to be doing if everybody else is doing the work? And so, you know, the internal desire, the internal struggle then is, Oh, well, I'm not going to be needed in my business. So I'm not going to be wanted or I'm not going to be, you know, clients are not going to be happy with the fact that I'm not touching every single thing.

Burhaan Pattel (02:57):

And well, this was kind of the struggle, this was kind of the worry that I had. And I knew that there was an opportunity to one, be more productive, two, to deliver more, three, make more money and four, to actually get the work done better. So that the clients are actually happier than they were before they actually, you know, when they were working with me directly. And so I had this kind of epiphany this, realization that, well, yes, they are better people out there that can do certain things that I can't do. Like I, I can do design, but I'm not a graphic designer really. And I kind of get by with just Canva and giving basic concepts. I've you know watched a couple of YouTube videos and I've watched a lot of people sort of talk about design. I had calligraphy lessons when I was in school.

Burhaan Pattel (03:50):

Like I kind of have the nuances of what design means and how good, like what good design is and what I like and what works on the internet in terms of advertising and ads and banners and thumbnails, and you know, all of those things, but I'm not a designer myself. And so there are designers out there who can do a better job and can probably get a better result for, you know, in, in place of what I was creating. And so that was one epiphany, but there was still a struggle in the sense that, you know, if clients are not paying enough money so that I can afford a good quality designer or so that I could afford a good copywriter or so that I could afford a good web developer or, you know, whatever a tool maybe then that poses an issue. Right? So the plan that I had was to get to a point where I can increase my rates to a point where I can actually afford to hire people, to get certain things done for me, for my clients.

Burhaan Pattel (04:55):

So that, well, one, it frees up my time, right? And then obviously, like I said, we're struggling in terms of like, what, how do I, how do I spend my time? And what I realize now is that, well, my time needs to be spent on marketing, needs to be focused on content. That's why I'm doing this video, right? It's gotta be focused on, we've got to focus on actually producing and bringing clients into the business so that we can afford to pay the salaries, pay the employees, pay for this tools, pay for the business, pay for the, you know, all the things that come with, comes with running a business. And so coming back to, you know, what's the one thing that you're going to accomplish that week, this week. This is what I am basically doing is looking at my week and I'm saying, okay, well, there's a couple of things that I need to accomplish, right?

Burhaan Pattel (05:48):

One being publishing every day. But the one main goal for this week is to get a marketing funnel out the door, to get a lead magnet done, to get a sales page done, to get the videos done. Like that's one big project that I want to have finished by the end of this week, or at least within the next few days. And for that, for this week, then the net goal would have been accomplished. And so that's the one thing that I'm basically spending all of my time. And I know it's only Monday, but I'm spending all my time on this week. Last week I focused on actually putting together sort of the titles, getting the designs, getting like getting the elements necessary so that this week I can focus on actually getting those things done. And when I say I'm building a funnel, I don't have to build the funnel myself because I have somebody to do that, but I need to create the creatives.

Burhaan Pattel (06:41):

I need to get the copywriting. I need to get there. You know, what do I want the pages to look like? What do I want the pages to say, what videos need to be on the page, putting it on the script, writing out all of those things, getting these, this content done so that I can have a good week so that I can actually have a week where I feel like I've accomplished what I need to accomplish. And so that's only possible because I've built a team around me, it's only possible because I have people who can now start helping me with certain aspects of the business. And so for you, my question is, well, what are you doing? Or I guess the other, the first question is, well, have you got policies? Have you got procedures? Have you got people in place to actually help you with your big thing or to take things off your plate when you can focus on the big thing.

Burhaan Pattel (07:32):

And do you actually have a big thing that you can focus on in your business for this week? And of course it's the 17th of November, 16th of November, wherever you are. And so for this week, you know, it's, it's, it's coming towards the end of the year. There's black Friday things that are going to be coming up in the next next week or so there's a whole slew of activity that's going to happen online and that is already happening online. And so, you know, it's one of those things where if you're not working on your business and you're working in your business, then you're probably missing out on a lot of opportunities that are out there because you're not, your head is not out of the water. And you're not able to scope out, to look at the landscape and see what's going on. So that's my video for today.

Burhaan Pattel (08:22):

That's my Facebook live. If you liked the video, you know, hit the likes. If you want to follow the channel, follow the follow the thing, wherever you're watching. If you're watching on Facebook, then definitely follow my page. If you're watching on YouTube, you know, subscribe to the channel, I really appreciate that. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the video and what is your one thing that you're focusing on this week, even if you're watching this in the future comment, and I'll definitely respond to you. And, with that being said, thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you on the next one. Bye for now.‍

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