10. Paid Advertising Will Not Save Your Business


Over the years as a digital marketer, I’ve spoken to tons of clients who think Facebook and Google Ad campaigns will save their business. Without a long term content strategy, paid ads will not work. Join me live to find out why.

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Welcome to the live stream. My name is Burhaan, and I'm going to be talking about paid advertising and why it won't save your business. So, chat seems to not be working. But I'll see if I can get that fixed in the next couple of minutes. Let's see, here. Did it pop it out and see, see what it does? Try to restore that. Nope, still working. Okay, let me see if I can open the actual video itself. Mamamia. You know, YouTube is funny, because I've been trying the last 30 minutes to do a live stream yesterday, I switched on everything, it all connected, and it worked just fine. Today, it was just going a little nuts.

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So for the two of you that are watching, thank you for watching. And yeah, I've got live. I've got live chat open. So say hi. Let me know where you're from. And let's chat about this paid advertising thing. And I know I'm throwing my toys a little bit. You know, paid advertising will work for your business purely because and it won't save your business purely because, you know, let's take a story. Let's take a scenario, you've got a client or you've got a you've got your business running. If you're promoting some content, you're putting out some, some content, organic content on Facebook. It's not regular, it's it's kind of sporadic. Your Instagram account is doing okay. Nothing fancy, nothing. Nothing exceptional going on. And, you know, you're looking for a quick fix, you're looking for fast wins, you're desperate from for sales, because maybe you haven't made any organic sales, or your organic sales are just not frequently enough, frequent enough. And so, you know, you think, Oh, well, traffic is the only way to solve my problem. And, yeah, to an extent short, in the short term, Facebook ads and Google ads can definitely work. Not to say that they won't work in the short term.

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But if you're looking for a quick fix to actually save your business, so you know that over the over the long haul, you know, you've you've set yourself up, your business is running, but you're just not generating enough sales. And you know, you've got monthly expenses, you're paying for maybe a Shopify store, you're paying for hosting somewhere, you know, you've got people that are working for you possibly, to update products to actually promote you to, you know, to do stuff on social. And, and you're putting time in, and you're investing time into researching products, uploading products to store, you know, the design of the website, all of those things.

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And it's one of those situations where you, you know, you need to do something, you know, that that something needs to happen. And you rely on Facebook ads, you're, you're saying, oh, Facebook, hey, you know, please, please generate some traffic. And sure, Facebook will generate you some traffic, and you'll pay for that traffic. And if you're doing stuff kind of around this time of year in November, and it's Thanksgiving, by the way, Happy Thanksgiving, you're gonna pay extra because it's the big time of year, a lot of advertise online, trying to promote their ecommerce products. It's Black Friday, Cyber Monday. It's it's one of the busiest times of the year for a lot of retailers. And so what happens is cost of advertising goes up just because of demand. Because, you know, the Facebook algorithm says, and the Google algorithm to it says, hey, there's lots of demand, we need to get people to pay more to be able to shop in the feed. And so that's what happens.

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So what happens is, when you start generating clicks, and you get traffic to your website, let's say you're paying $2, or $1, or $3, to Facebook, and to Google, and your traffic's coming over, and they're converting at your normal conversion rate, but because of your because of the amount of competition that's going on, because of the amount of advertising going on, because of just people looking for deals, you know, there are a lot of factors that will determine why people will buy something and why they won't.

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But invariably, your cost per acquisition your your how much you're willing how much you're going to pay to Facebook, and to Google to actually make the sale is going to be on average higher than than it would be in other situations or during other times of the year. And so using that as a as a quick fix or or saying hey, like I want to do a short term stunt. Yeah, for short term stunts, that's fine. But, you know, if you're expecting it to stay at that level, like, Facebook is going to give you a boost of traffic, you may be going to get a ton of sales. And then when you switch that off, your traffic's gonna dip again, you haven't built a brand, you haven't focused on creating a relationship with your customers. And so that's why I'm saying that Facebook ads will not and Google ads will not save your business.

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Now, Google is slightly different in that if you set your campaigns up for long term, like search campaigns, that you're willing to spend a bit of money, willing to invest in the campaign, willing to tweak willing to, you know, maybe get an expert to actually go through the account, work on the account, to optimize your keywords, optimize your ad copy, Google ads, I, in my opinion, is a lot more work than Facebook ads. And it requires different level of sophistication, terms of skill, from an advertiser's point of view. But yeah, I mean, ultimately, that's what it means. That's, that's what it means to to actually have, you know, a business a business online, and I made a video yesterday about content and how, you know, you can create the content that you need, plug it together with SEO, you know, with good web design, with great products, with great messaging, and you start building this a long term sustainable business, because.

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While the internet may be a good place to start a business and stop a business, it's also not a good idea to just start something, make make a bit of cash, and then leave and ensure they are funnels and the businesses that operate that operate that way. But if you were looking for a long term, stable, sustainable solution, looking for, you know, maybe to replace your job, or, you know, you're you're building a business, you wanting to build a community, you believe in something greater than just selling a widget. Then you're going to need to focus on the long term. Now I talk about paid advertising. And yes, Pinterest has got a paid advertising platform, it's, it's pretty good. It works. Of course, there are other platforms like Bing, you know, Snapchat. Tiktok has got their their ad platform too now, and, and the other avenues, you know, you've got other platforms.

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Also, for display ads on websites, Google specifically can run display ads on YouTube. You can run display ads on on specific websites, and depending on how narrow you want to go, you know, you can really make it work. But again, it all comes down to what I said yesterday is, it comes down to content, it comes down to storytelling comes down to connecting with your audience connecting with your customers delivering a product delivering a service that they are in need off, and also a service that you know, that people are wanting that that people have a need for. And sure you can, you know, you can create this widget that's going to say, Hey, you know, it solves a problem for the short term. But like I said, you're looking for long term solutions, you're looking to provide long term relationships.

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And that's what's going to help you grow. Because getting to six figures, seven figures, you know, we've all got these fancy goals. But in order to maintain that, you need to be able to maintain the relationships, to develop the relationships, find those people first, and then one to one, maybe, or one, one to group, maybe using Facebook group, maybe using mighty networks, maybe using some of the other channels to actually generate engagement. You know, maybe you're commenting in forums, maybe you're on LinkedIn, and you're messaging people, you're connecting with people on a one to one basis and saying, Hey, you know, I just want to connect, I want to get to know you a little bit. And then you, you know, you start when they ask a what do you do? Like, what are you up to at the moment, once you've got that relationship going, then you can open up and say, Well, this is what I'm working on.

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And I think that maybe it's something that you could work on, you know use. So, so yeah, so that's my little spiel. Been going for a few minutes now. And and that's basically the message, Facebook ads, Google ads, they're not going to save your business. Let's face it. You're going to spend a bunch of money you may get a return, you may not get a return it's very touch and go. If you're, even if you're skilled, even some of the most skilled marketers out there are losing money on Facebook ads, and I'm not sure don't try it. What I'm saying is, take your ad campaigns, couple it with content, let the content drive the engagement, and use your ads in a retargeting campaign, to then promote your products to your customers.

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In fact, what I would suggest is, if you're blogging, if you're create creating videos, have your ads pointed to those blogs, have those ads pointed to those videos, promote that content, get the traffic, identify the people that have spent time on the website, spent time on the video, maybe show them another piece of content thereafter, maybe a second piece of content, then only pitch them a product. You know, maybe get them into your email list. Nurture them for a couple of weeks, or maybe a day, or two or five or seven depends on the nature of your business. And then promote something to them, or offer them something where you notice you're segmenting people and saying, hey, because you're interested in or you watched more than 50% of a video, or you spent more than three minutes on a webpage? Chances are, you can assume that they're interested in that piece of content. And so it might be that they will also resonate with a product that goes along with that content.

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So that's the long term strategy I'm going for. I'm not saying Facebook, don't run Facebook ads. No, no, I never said that. And I'm not promoting Facebook because I work for them. I believe in Facebook ads, and I believe in Google ads. But it's got to be done the right way. And I've just given you the goose the golden goose when it comes to advertising and and creating content and stringing it all together. So with that being said, you know, thank you for watching the video. I really appreciate the fact that you've watched it. If you liked the video like it if you loved it, subscribe. And yeah, hit me up in the comments. Let me know what you thought of video. Let me know what you thought of the quality of the video. And let me know if you've got any thoughts in terms of future content. I appreciate your input, and I look forward to seeing you on the next video. Thank you very much. Bye for now.

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