Email Retargeting – Get More Sales By Leveraging Email Automation (Tips to getting better results)

Email Marketing

In this video/episode I talk about email retargeting. Before I actually get into what email re-targeting is. I want to flesh a little image. And it’ll probably appear around here somewhere. And this, and this image is showing results of sales that have been generated from automated emails, I. E. retargeting emails, which I created in a system for a customer who has a Shopify store.

So to put this into context, this has been sort of a six week period of time, I think in terms of the stats and uh, it’s an insane amount of revenue. Now this was revenue generated just from this one automated system that we put in place for his business. He’s never done that type of thing in the past or if or if he did have this, uh, system in place. And I want to talk a little bit about the system now. So retargeting emails is emails that are coming into your email list.

So if you’ve got a Shopify store, the same as this client, people are abandoning their cart. So, you know, they’re getting to the checkout page, they’re getting to the billing information page and they’re filling in their details. They put in their email address, Shopify captures that, but they don’t complete the checkout. And so you know, you have the ability through Shopify or through a different tool to actually send those people, send that person an email to say, Hey, we noticed that you put something in your cart, you got to the checkout, but you didn’t complete your purchase. And just light lightly nudging them to say, Hey, you’ve got this thing in a cart. You were interested in it already. You don’t want the reasons as to why they abandoned the cart, but you know, you want to give them a little bit of a reminder because there was something that interested in.

Amazon does it. Shopify themselves do it. Ah, there’s lots of companies, eCommerce companies or even normal other businesses that are doing it, uh, all the time. And that’s going to increase your conversions. Now, uh, close rates on abandoned carts, uh, depending on the content, depends on the product, can be high, it can be low.

But having something in place is definitely something you want to do. Another form of retargeting is, let’s say you have, uh, a product on the page and you’re running a promotion where you offering free shipping and in order for them to qualify for the free shipping, you show them a pop up that says, Hey, get free shipping when you enter your email address. So you’re asking them to do something to subscribe to a list so that you can deliver them a coupon code, right? They opt in to the email address with their email address to the pop up and immediately an email goes out to them to say, Hey, thank you so much for opting in to get a and qualify for free shipping.

Here’s your coupon code. When you get to the checkout, use the coupon code and you get 10% off your, uh, whatever’s in your cart. Now if that’s a deal that you want to build into your system, if you’re, if you’re in a building into your company, perfect. It’s one example.

Most of the people, let’s say 80%, 90% of people when they open that email, even though they they’ve done the work to put an email address in, they’ve gotten a coupon code in their inbox, they don’t open the email. Maybe 70% of people, they don’t open the email. We don’t know why. It could be that they’ve made a spelling mistake on the email address. Maybe they’re just not that keen on a discount. Maybe they buy anyway. Uh, and, and, and the offer is not good enough for the popup. Um, there’s 101 million, there’s 101 reasons as to why they would not, um, open that email.

So what matters is actually that the balance of people who don’t open the email or the people who don’t actually convert. So let’s say 30% of the people opened the email and 5% of those people opened the email, actually go use the coupon code and they buy something. Okay. So what happens to the rest of the people?

The 95%, the 70% who didn’t open the email and the 95% of people who didn’t buy, when they opened the first email, they, uh, they opted in for a discount. Maybe life happened when they got the first email. Maybe they didn’t check their email, maybe they opted in, but they realized that they didn’t have the email app on the phone or they didn’t have a decent internet connection or whatever the case may be. They were getting off a train to get into a taxi. So they’d again, get home, life happens, you know, so why not email them a reminder maybe three, four hours later, say, Hey, you, uh, you were interested in this deal?

Do you wanna still check it out. Like, here’s the code. And of course, there’s tension that you can create in those emails. So you know, have the code expire for at a certain point and then send a reminder email a couple of hours before it expires. You can do a few of those things to try to boost the conversions and boost the tension or, you know, create a little bit of tension, uh, in terms of getting people to use the code.

And yeah, that helps. And just by putting these little systems that you may think that, Oh God, that’s so, so simple. Or you may think, Hey, that’s so cheesy, but you know what people, people get in, it’d be life gets in the way. People get stuck with stuff, people are busy, people are, um, there’s so much distraction. There’s so many, uh, points of attention that are trying to grab us, you know, notifications on from Facebook, notification from Instagram, uh, you know, emails buzzing all day long, your, uh, whatever you’re getting phone calls, you know, why for whatever.

Like there’s lots of stuff going on in your day. So, uh, you know, just having these automated tools where if you’re running a business and you’re trying to leverage the tools, you’re trying to automate things, you’re trying to get as much as you can out for your customers, right? At the end of the day, if people have shown an interest already, they’re kind of 50% of the way there. All they need to do is just finalize their decision.

They’ve already made a decision in some way or they’ve made a micro decision in terms of getting to where they want to get to, you know, help them along. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t see anything wrong with that way. I do have a problem is, but by over emailing them, right? We’re talking specifically about retargeting emails. If you’re emailing them every single hour to say, Hey, buy my s***.

Buy my staff buy my stuff buy my stuff. Not cool. I don’t enjoy that. I don’t think that’s appropriate. Um, and you’re going to get high on unsubscribes and people are gonna complain and your domain deliverability is going to get borked. Email people with permission. So by them opting in to the popup by them asking for the coupon code, we want people to engage.

We want them to, to, to, to see what we have on offer and, and then buy into that process to buy into the fact that yes, they can get a discount or they can jump in on a challenge or they can qualify for, for a freebie or in a contest or a, you know, sign up to the newsletter because they know that, you know, Black Friday’s coming up and maybe there’s a deal in the black Friday, uh, email campaign and you can actually set things up that way where, you know, you’re letting people know that this list, that this subscription is going to benefit them.

How does it benefit them? That’s the most important piece. You could have your retargeting emails set up against your funnel, even if it’s not an eCommerce business. Uh, your funnel could be maybe a phone call funnel. Maybe it’s a webinar that you’re promoting. You know, people that have opted in for the webinar but didn’t show up, send them an email to say, Hey, here’s the replay. You missed it, but here’s the replay. Or you missed it but, there is still a deal.

Or, Hey, you know what, I’m actually gonna run the webinar again. Why didn’t you register for the next one? If you couldn’t make it for the first one, if it’s a phone call funnel people, most phone calls all the time, send them a followup email. Say, Hey, I’m sorry they demonstrate on XYZ date so and so time, uh, perhaps life got in the way.

Shall we reschedule? You may recover a few of those. Uh, most not, most likely not, but it’s worth trying. And if you have an automated system, why not have the system do the emails for you?

Automate that process so you don’t have to think about it. If you understand the topic, if you’re agreeing with me in terms of what retargeting emails can and can’t do, if you’ve done some email retargeting in a ninja way that I haven’t mentioned this video, comment below. If you liked this video, hit the like button. It gives me an indication that you’re liking the content.

If you subscribe, that means your EA about the content and you want to see more. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you watching. My name is Burhaan, and I’ll see you on the next video.

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