DailyB Ep 5 Why AI Is Taking Over The World (And What To Do) #DailyB

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In this episode, Burhaan discusses the inherent desire for an easier life and how AI technology can help achieve that.

They address common fears and misconceptions about AI, emphasizing the importance of curiosity and the practical benefits of integrating AI tools into various aspects of life and work.

They share personal experiences and examples of AI applications, from generating copy ideas to analyzing large sets of data quickly.

I encourages listeners to explore AI tools, highlighting their accessibility and potential to impact productivity and decision-making positively.

00:00 The Universal Desire for an Easier Life

00:33 Introducing AI as a Solution to Life's Complexities

00:58 The Resistance to AI and Technological Change

02:54 Personal Experiences and the Potential of AI

03:56 AI's Role in Daily Life and Creative Processes

06:02 Exploring the Future of AI Integration

08:26 Embracing AI: A Call to Action

08:50 Concluding Thoughts on AI's Place in Our Lives

Show Notes:

[00:00:00] Everybody that I've ever worked with, everybody that I've ever communicated with or sold a product to or even just spoken to as a friend or met in the street, for that matter, has told me or has mentioned in some way that they want their life to be easier. Everybody wants that. We're lazy by nature. We, we want the comfortable life.

We want things to be enjoyable. We want to relax. We want to relax. And that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a good thing to want, and the reason why I'm bringing AI up in this ai, AI up in this conversation is I think we're here. I think we're at a point where the things that we want to be easier can be done through ai.

I think that AI can be a help. But the problem is that people are [00:01:00] fearing AI. They have this, uh, attachment to their current life. They have this attachment to the world that they live in. They're holding onto the past. They're holding onto this not so real reality that was difficult, was tough, right? Life before was tough.

And I'm not saying it's not tough now. It is tough now. But the thing is like. We've been wanting these tools, we've been wanting this technology, self driving cars, we've been wanting fast transportation, we've been wanting fast communication, we've been wanting access to information, we've been wanting help, anonymous help, right?

So that we can talk to somebody who's impartial, so that we can get advice, so that we can [00:02:00] think. Through some of our problems without having a friend or a, or a colleague or a, or a boss or somebody else have their biased opinion. We all want those things, but one of the troubles is the ego. The ego wants to hold on to what we think is our legacy.

What we think is our protection. What we think is our identity. And, and so we don't embrace AI. We don't embrace new technologies. We're not building a business online because, Oh, that's not how we do things or whatever the story is that in people's mind or whatever is in your mind. I'm not saying I fully embraced it either.

There's probably levels that I haven't even explored. And if T's and Bitcoin, all like those are technologies that I just haven't looked [00:03:00] into and my ego is in the way I haven't made money through crypto or any of those types of technologies. Because of that, because when it was booming, I stood on the sidelines and I said, Oh, I didn't believe this.

I don't think it, I didn't think it was going to stay. And that was wrong of me because the fact of the matter is, is it is part of our life may not be as prominent, but, and it may not have as many practical applications as what it promised, but it's here, but AI has influent infiltrated our lives in a way that is just.

I couldn't have imagined it. I don't think anybody could have imagined it. It's our guide. It's our helper. It's our assistant. It's our go to for many people. Right? I'm using it to help me come up with ideas for headlines. I'm using it [00:04:00] for copy ideas. I asked it to make a design for a tattoo for me the other day.

Um, I ask, I ask it questions almost every single day. When I'm stuck, I don't go to it, like I still go to Google predominantly for sort of search queries. But in some cases I do go to chat because it has some of the answers. May not be accurate, 100 percent accurate, but it has at least 60, 70 percent of the starting point that I need to get there.

And that's, maybe that's all you need. Maybe that's all I need. For me, it's enough for me. It's fine. Like, Hey, go make this thing for me or help me with this particular story. Go ahead and help me with the structure or help me with this copy. Help me with this landing page. Help me with whatever. I gave it a set of data the other day.

Uh, it was a table of 800, uh, what was it? 800 survey [00:05:00] responses plus app store reviews, plus copy from our landing page to tell it about our product. And it gave me answers about what people care about the most and the features that they enjoy most and what we should focus on as far as marketing and messaging is concerned.

Like, I think that was huge because, you know, going through line by line, each survey and that would have taken weeks, maybe days, but AI did it in literally five or 10 minutes, gave me a report. Uh, and again, like, sure, there's probably verification that needs to be done on those, but. Like the main topic, the main idea.

And I asked a very simple questions. I said, Hey, what words are people using the most? What, you know, simple things just based on simple understanding. I didn't ask it for complete complex answers. But the point is that maybe this [00:06:00] technology is going to have even more of an impact. I mean, we have AI now on our phones.

We have, Google has been using AI for advertising and, you know, Siri has been using AI for ages. It's not new. The stuff is not new. It's just now more accessible. It's just now more available. And that's the point is that AI can help you get started. AI can help you get unstuck. AI can assist you with a bunch of things.

They are creators. They are content creators and speakers and coaches and people who are building their own AIs, feeding it, their voice, feeding it, their content, feeding it, their books, feeding it, their speeches. And it, and, and. training the AI so that it can mimic their voice and answer customer queries in apps and on [00:07:00] websites.

It's insane. It's like, how is this a thing? But you've got to use it in your life. I feel like you should be asking it questions. I feel like your plan should be at least to just be curious to at least say, Hey, here's a helper that's low cost and free. If you really want to use the free version. That can guide me, that can help me, that can not influence my decisions, but can guide and offer advice and offer solutions or possible solutions, or at least alternatives, because hey, we are human beings and at some point, we, our emotions and our ego and our Thank you.

All right. whatever feelings in the moment, our energy levels, our, the weather, or like all of these things affect us. And we sometimes don't make the right [00:08:00] decisions. The AI doesn't have those feelings. They don't have those issues. They don't care whether it's snowing or it's raining or it's 40 degrees centigrade outside, right?

The AI can give you an answer. Now granted, it's not all there. Like I said, it's maybe 50, 60, 70 percent there, but it's a, it's a start. So that's my message for this video is just be curious. Start playing with it. You don't have to give it your personal information. You don't have to tell it your whole life story.

You don't have to use it as a therapist. Decide how you want to use it. Decide to use it in a way that's useful to you and maybe useful to others. And the title of this video is, is AI taking over? I'm not so sure about taking over, but it's definitely here and it's definitely [00:09:00] a part of our lives. And it's something that we could embrace and use it for our benefit.

Use it. use it as a helper to save our time or others will go ahead of us. I think that's, what's going to happen. I think eventually it's just going to be part of everything. I don't think there's going to be like an AI. I don't think there'll be like a chat GPT that we open the website. I think that it's just going to infiltrate and all tools and all websites and all, all the technology we use is just going to have it all built in.

And so we wouldn't even notice it would just be part of our lives. It would just be. native to, to how we live to the point where we would probably wouldn't even call it AI. We would just say this app, or we would just say it, whatever the name it's going to be. But yeah, I hope that was [00:10:00] useful. Daily Bee number five.

Enjoy your weekend. Have a good week. And yeah, be curious. Go play around. Don't worry, you're not going to break it. Don't worry, it can't break you.

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