Checklist To Start Your Business Online

Business Growth

Starting an online business can be challenging and daunting. I hope this checklist will help you get all the basic things you need to start your online business.

Work your way through this checklist:

  1. Name your business
  2. Work on your why
  3. Write down who you are serving. Who is your target client?
  4. Buy your Domain Name
  5. Register your Social Media Accounts with:
    – Facebook
    – Twitter
    – Pinterest
    – LinkedIn
    – Instagram
  6. Register your business on Google my Business –
  7. Register your business email addresses
  8. Design your website
  9. Work on your Logo and company branding
  10. Create social graphic assets including banners and profile images
  11. Register a Google Analytics Account –
  12. Register a Facebook Business account –
  13. Register a Google Ads Account –
  14. Work out how your website integrates to you and other tools you plan on using
  15. Build an Email List – I recommend using ConvertKit: (affiliate link)
  16. Work on a content marketing plan to post and promote your business on social media

This checklist is just the beginning to create an online presence for your business.

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