20. 9 Critical Things Every Webinar Must Have To Make More Sales

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Ever wondered how you can improve your conversions on your Webinars? There are a number of critical things you must use to maximize the effectiveness of your webinars.

In this podcast, I cover 9 critical things you must have to make more sales on your webinars.

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Hey, welcome to the marketing stack podcast. My name is Burhaan. And I want to go through your webinars. And I want to give you a couple of things that you can do before, during and after your webinar to grow your email list. Get more people engaged in your webinar, and make more sales and conversions, even when after your webinar is done. If you're listening to this on iTunes, or whatever platform, be sure to follow, subscribe to the channel, check out my website at Burhaanpattel.com And I hope you enjoy the episode. Thank you so much. As I've seen a lot of people making mistakes with their webinars. And I've actually created a guide, which I'll give you access to late. So stick around to the end. And I will give you access to the 50 tips 50 plus tips on how to make your webinars great again, let's get into a couple of these, these tips. And before we get into that, I want to tell you a little bit of a backstory and why I'm actually why I actually created this guide. One I've seen a bunch of people try webinars out, there are a bunch of people, especially now because of home based businesses because they're trying to promote their courses before they because they're trying to promote their businesses using webinars as a as an intermediate to events. So that's exactly what a webinar is actually if we want to go into the definition, webinar is an online event where you can talk to multiple people that have registered pre registered for this event that's going to happen at a very specific date and time. And of course, you can do your webinars evergreen, but I would suggest you'd rather do them live, initially have sort of a launch where you have people register and get people into your event. Now how is a webinar different to a live event on say, Facebook or YouTube or other platforms? Well, a webinar is actually a registered event. So you're going to give your email address, you're going to give some information about yourself probably your name and email. Sometimes people ask for the phone number, but you're going to register for this actual event, you're going to register to show an interest so that you go on to their email list so that they can one, remind you of the thing that they're doing. And two most likely, there's going to be some sort of a paid thing, there's going to be some sort of a pay payment, or an opportunity inside of that webinar, at the end of the webinar to go further with the person who's hosting the webinar, because they have a product because they have a service because they have something that they they want to sell to you that's going to help you solve help you solve a problem that's in your life, in your business, in your marriage, in your relationships in your whatever is going on in your life. And so that comes that that that speaks to one of the tips that I have in the document, in the in the PDF guide is, you know, making your webinars so that it actually solves a problem so that it actually takes people down through a journey. So people start off with an issue, you want to help them solve that issue on your webinar. And at the end of the webinar, you want to give them the solution, all the while telling stories, giving compelling information, teaching a little bit or teaching what needs to be done without actually giving away the house. And that's another tip in the document or in the PDF guide. Again, I'll link that in the description, I've covered a couple of tips they already one is story, getting them to try and transform getting people to actually solve their problem.

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So when it comes to building a webinar, or putting a webinar together, there are essentially three phases. Okay, so essentially, there are three phases to your webinar or to your event. One is before your webinar, two is during your webinar, and three is after your webinar. And so there's a couple of things, actually, there's a lot of things you need to figure out before your webinar. And I'm only going to go through a couple of these for each for each of these phases. So before your webinar, you know, obviously you want to make sure that your topic is correct. You want to make sure that you've got the right topic for your people that and the topic is going to validate what you're trying to say. And it's going to be hopefully, you make an interesting you make you make it make it compelling, so that people can actually associate themselves with your webinar. Then what you want to do is make sure that you're using the right platform. Now, webinar platforms, they are a bunch online, they range range in terms of expense, the most popular right now is zoom. So you know, then there's Go To Webinar. Then there's an Easy Webinar.

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And I'll put the links to all of these tools down in the description as well. But basically what we're want to do is make sure that your platform is right platform that it supports you and that it supports your audience. The next thing I want to I want to say is before your webinar. So obviously, like I said, people are going to register for your webinar, and they are going to come over and, you know, attend your webinar live. But there's a step just before that, which is the thank you page. So after people register, they're going to land on a page that says, Thank you for registering, here's the date and time for the webinar. And one thing that I really stress that you need to have on that page is an add to calendar button. And I don't think I spelled that, right, right. It's e n d, a, r. But what we want to do is add to calendar so that, you know, people, people tend to forget, people tend to forget that they have scheduled something, a lot of people, especially from Facebook, Instagram, and some of these other tools are, are just kind of in the flow of whatever they're doing online. And so, you know, they forget that they have registered for this event, you know, they they forget, they think that yeah, that you know, they're registering for this event. So it's no issue. When the time comes, they'll they'll attend, and sort of 70 80% of people is what I've seen, actually don't attend webinars live. And so what you want to do is add a button for the Add to calendar onto the Thank you page. So that gives them an opportunity to add the event to book that time out in their calendar, some webinar software, when they send the email confirming the registration, it gives them in Gmail and the ability natively to add to calendar because Gmail recognizes that this is an event. And because of the synchronization and the interaction with Google calendars, it will add that to your event. Now, lots of people don't use Gmail, lots of people don't use, you know, Google Calendar. And so you want to give them also the iCal and the Yahoo links, so that they can actually add that add the add your event to their calendar.

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Now, during the the event, you know, we obviously want to follow a process. And what I've said to you is, we want to take people through this journey. So there's a starting point, which and we want them to transform to the end, right. So when they are transforming during the webinar, they can see that you are credible, they can see that you are the real deal. You know, you give people testimonials, you give them the ability to see that what you're trying to show them, what you're trying to teach them, the problem you're trying to solve is something that you've also solved for yourself, or you've helped other people solve through your business or through your service or through your product. And so that's, I think one of the major things inside of a webinar, where you definitely want to make sure that people who are watching you, attend and are are transformed during your webinar. Now you can't solve all their problems in sort of a 60 to 90 Minute Webinar. But you can definitely give them a few tidbits to figure it out, or at least to entice them into solving that problem. And another thing that you could do, and I'm gonna write this down on the screen is, is give them a poll. Right? So poll questions, give people a point of interaction with you. And so what happens is when you're asking a poll question, because of the software that you're using, most software has got have got poll questions that you can add in. And so those answers or that interaction that people, you know, have with you, gives you feedback, and you can survey your audience based on the things that you want to know from them. So you know, the typical thing is in the beginning of a webinar, and this may not be a poll, but a lot of people ask, well, where are you tuning in from? And so, you know, to get the audience excited, to get the audience to see that, hey, there's people from potentially around the country or around the world joining you on your webinar. And so that gives you notoriety that gives you credibility that you've got a lot of people on this webinar poll questions.

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Going back to a poll questions. When you ask a poll question. You're giving people the ability to vote on something, which means that you can polarize them to you know, if you ask a really interesting question, and you let's say it's a tech webinar, and you're asking people, Hey, are you apple or Samsung, you know, do you follow apple or Samsung? Do you love apple or Samsung? Like? Those are polarizing questions. Obviously, we don't want to use politics. We don't want to use religion, when it comes to really understanding your audience and getting them to be emotionally engaged, then, you know, poll questions can be used in a way that creates that emotion. And one, it gives you feedback, but also it gives gives them something to do on your webinar. And so creating that engagement is, is probably one of the most valuable things. And again, you know, what we want to do is create the engagement so that people can stay longer

Burhaan Pattel  10:18  
Right, the goal of the webinar is to get them to stay longer so that they can actually see your offer. And I'm going to put here under offer, is you want to have an offer stack. Now, an offer stack is something when you selling something on your webinar, you're promoting something on your webinar, you don't only just give them one thing, because if people are spending 60 minutes with you, obviously they're learning something on the webinar with you. But at the end, you want to give them so much value so that they can, you know, you want to give them so much at the end, that it's kind of a no brainer for the thing that you're selling. And so if you're selling a $500 cost, maybe you want to try to show $5,000, at least of value. And you increase that value by adding more things into the webinar, adding into the offer. So that's something that you definitely want to do during your webinar. Because as you're going through your promo, as you're showing them what you have to offer, you get to tell them about what what you have. And so you want to create that value, give them as much as you can, give them your best during that webinar, because they've spent the time with you. And so in order to generate more sales to help more people, you want to increase that value so that they can see your ability to get.

Burhaan Pattel  11:34  
After your webinar, what you want to do is make sure that you have have follow up sequences. Now, again, most software is going to give you the ability to follow up with people to actually send them messages afterwards to you know, remind them that there's a replay to ask them to join your offer if they've seen your offer. And when it comes to follow up sequences, a lot of software have the ability to tag people based on behavior or send them emails based on their behavior. And so let's say if somebody missed your webinar, what you want to do is not tell them about the offer right away, you want to wait at least a day or two, because you want to get them to actually watch your webinar. So if they watched the replay, then you can start talking about the offer. And if they joined the webinar, but they left early before your offer, you know, maybe life got in the way and maybe their kids needed something, maybe they were driving and they needed to get to the meeting, whatever the case may be, you want to give them the opportunity to see your offer, before before you actually email them about your offer. And so each message in the post webinar, follow up emails is going to be different based on where they were in the journey with you.

Burhaan Pattel  12:51  
Now, a lot of people like I said, 80% 70% of people are not actually going to show up live. If you have higher than 30%, then you're doing really, really well. Even if you get 40% of people showing up live, not all 40% are going to see the offer, you might get only 20% that actually see your offer. And so the 80%, let's say 80 out of 100 people that don't see your offer, you want to follow up with them, because the potential to actually have them watch the replay, see your offer and buy something, you have a good chance that they're going to do that. And probably the majority or 50% of your revenue from your offer is going to, from your webinar, is going to come from these post webinar follow up sequences. Another thing you want to do after your webinar is retargeting of your ads. Right? So we spoke about follow up sequences, but we want to also retarget retarget. Get people with advertising. So again, the goal is to try to get again, the goal is to try to get people to still watch your webinar, even if they didn't show up. If they did show up, we want to show them an ad to say, hey, you saw the offer, you saw the webinar, we hope you liked it. Here are, here's the offer again, you know, come back, the offer is only available until such and such a date. And so yeah, that's another thing that I want to add in is, you know, create urgency. So I'm going to just write a here.

Burhaan Pattel  14:25  
And forgive me for for my handwriting. When we limit the availability of your product or the price or the offer. That's when you create excitement, you create this buzz around what you have. So Black Friday, which is coming up is actually a typical sort of urgency, scarcity type of thing because it happens only once a year and a lot of companies make a lot of money during this time. And they get a lot more new customers because of the fact that people are looking for deals. And so one way to generate high high number of engagement, high conversion rate on your webinars is again, going back to the offer, give them a really, really good value. And two, create urgency because you know, it's going to only be available at that point, or at that price, or up to a certain point, maybe you limit your offers where you only sell them four times a year, or two times a year, or one time a year. That's also a way to generate urgency. And so for each time that you run your webinar to promote this, you know, quarterly thing that you have that you're selling, it creates urgency and incentivizes people to start now, is when they actually need to start taking action.

Burhaan Pattel  15:35  
So yeah, so that's basically a summary of, so I've listed sort of nine things that you can do for your webinars before, during and after. And I encourage you to download the PDF, it's got 50 plus ways to actually get your webinars to convert better, get more people engaged, and also to actually attract people into webinars. So you can get a higher number of registrations, higher attendance, and more sales. So that document is available in the link below. If you enjoyed the if you enjoyed this type of content, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. And I encourage you to download that that PDF because it's going to give you a whole lot more than just nine. To check out the guide, go to medicalmarketingmethod.com/guide. And you'll be able to download that guide with 50 plus tips to increase your conversions and get all the good stuff to make your webinars just great. So thank you so much and I will catch you on the next episode. Bye for now.

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