X Types of Digital Marketing Funnels

marketing funnels

My Approach To Creating A Marketing Funnel

1. Understand the nature and purpose of the business

If you are already running a Google Ads Campaign on Search, YouTube or Display, we perform a complete audit before working on new campaigns.

The Google Ads Audit will cover the following elements of your existing campaign:

  • Correct implementation of Google Tracking , Remarketing and Google Analytics codes
  • Marketing funnel (landing pages, sales pages, order forms or checkout process) review
  • Campaign and Ad Group structure and organization review
  • In depth keyword and search term review
  • Negative keyword review
  • Platform and device performance review
  • Extensions review
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) review
  • Audience and retargeting review
  • Location targeting review
  • Conversions review
  • Behavior analysis from Google Analytics
  • Ad creatives (for YouTube or Display Ads) and performance review
  • Placement review (for YouTube and Display Ads)
  • Basic SEO Audit
  • Site speed analysis

Proper analysis of these elements will determine the approach used to promote your product or service.

A report and discussion will follow the audit. Our findings will inform recommended changes to make to stages of the campaign to improve performance of new campaigns.

2. Select the right marketing funnel for your business


3. implement and test


4. focus on traffic