Facebook Ads Not Working?

In my experience, most companies are not getting the results they expect from their Facebook Ad campaigns. While this may be a broad statement we have seen a number of basic issues. Below are just a few examples:

Issues Tracking Conversions

The Facebook Pixel is the most important element in your Facebook Ads strategy. It informs every aspect of your campaign and will determine success or failure when running a campaign. Facebook relies on user behavior from your Facebook Pixel. If your Pixel is not setup correctly on every page of your funnel, then no matter how well your targeting is done, or how good your landing pages look, you will not be able to fully optimize your campaigns to get the best Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Lack of Creative Assets

The front end of any Facebook Ad Campaign relies on great imagery or video to grab attention and communicate your message. Most companies are relying on one or two creative assets to do all the work. The truth is that paid digital ad campaigns require constant upkeep, testing, and analysis. This also informs the next point, content marketing.

Lack Of Content Management Plan

Facebook and Instagram and content engines. Your audiences require a constant reminder of who you are and what you are about. We'll address the fact that the Facebook and Instagram algorithms may not be in your favor and less than 2% of your audience is going to see your post organically.

Feed your audiences on Facebook and Instagram regular content to encourage engagement. This approach will help your Facebook Ads in the long run.

We recommend an approach which combines creative and engaging content and ads to find the best creatives and constantly improving them to get the most out of your ad spend.

Audiences Not Leveraged Effectively

The most common and most obvious audiences on Facebook come from interests. Yes. For cold audiences this is the most effective way to find and put your product or message in front of the people who may be interested.

Remarketing is an added layer of advertising which allows you to show your ads to people who have already had at least one touch point with you. Most advertising agencies and advertisers are not effectively defining and leveraging these audiences in all of Facebook and Instagrams glory.

The missing piece of the puzzle lies in how remarketing is done. Are you talking to your website visitors over a period of time, with a slightly different message than the first one they saw? If they come back to your website, what are you going to show them next?

The gold, when running any paid digital campaign, is in how remarketing is done. This is where major profits lie. You're missing out if you are not effectively remarketing to your audiences.

Omnichannel marketing

Building on the previous point on audiences, if you are relying  totally on Facebook Ads to make you bank, then your campaigns are doomed. Facebook Remarketing campaigns will take you a certain distance to lower your CPA and make your ads profitable, but adding other platforms like Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest to your paid ads campaigns will make a huge difference for your overall marketing strategy.

On average, it takes about five to seven touch points to make a sale. What are you doing to get in front of, engage, interact and show up for your audience this many times?

My Facebook Marketing Approach

1. Facebook Ads Audit

If you are already running a Facebook Ad Campaign on Facebook or Instagram, we perform a full audit before working on new campaigns.

The Facebook Ads Audit will cover the following elements of your existing campaign:

  • Correct implementation of your Facebook Pixel
  • Marketing funnel (landing pages, sales pages, order forms or checkout process) review
  • Ad creatives and performance review
  • Platform and device performance review
  • Location targeting review
  • Interest review
  • Audience and retargeting review
  • Site speed analysis
  • Behavior analysis using Google Analytics

Proper analysis of these elements will determine the approach used to promote your product or service.

A report and discussion will follow the audit. Our findings will inform recommended changes to make to stages of the campaign to improve performance of new campaigns.

2. Development of an effective Facebook Ads Strategy

Based on findings from the Facebook Ads Audit, we can assist you in the creation or editing of campaign elements where necessary.

The Facebook Ads strategy will also outline a plan to direct and manage campaigns for at least the next 6 weeks. We recommend that your content calendar also informs this timeline. As mentioned above, an integrated approach is used both for organic content, boosted content and specific conversion campaigns.

Not all campaigns are treated the same way. We spend time with you to get to know your mission, your product, your customers and your level of service during the process. This level of attention and detail follows through in the all ad campaigns.

3. Initial Testing And Implementation of Campaigns

Once the first round of creatives and changes to the marketing funnel are complete, we will begin testing each element of the campaign including:

  • Interests and audiences
  • Locations
  • Device type
  • Creatives
  • Headlines
  • Text copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Landing page design
  • Platform
  • Placement

A number of tools are used in this process including Google Analytics, Google Optimize, VMO, HotJar and other tracking and reporting tools. Each element which is reported will be shared and decisions will be made once there enough traffic and intelligence is collected on the active campaigns.

Each step of the funnel is monitored and opportunities for improvement is analyzed and worked on.

Advertising is not a one hit wonder, there is an art and science to its eventual success.

4. Conversion Optimization

No matter what type of campaign is run, the eventual key indicator is sales. Conversions allow for ad campaigns to continue running, products to continue to be produced, wages to be paid regularly and the lights to stay on.

Profitable sales are the life-force of any business. Without profit, there is no business.

The approach is to work towards reaching profitability as soon as possible.